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Newbie Tips on Getting Yourself a Painless Bikini Wax

by justinecricks

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Many women get tired of shaving their pubic regions every week or so, and risk nicking their skins with the razor. Shaving is also known to give a person ingrown hairs. Sometimes, excessive shaving can lead to swelling and irritation in the pubic region.

These all sound like very good reasons to remove pubic hair by waxing; however, is the pain involved really worth it? A lot of women think so, but consistently experiencing the same pain every three weeks or so can make the experience exhausting. To the delight of many women, and some men too, there are painless hair removal creams that can be applied on the pubic region to reduce pain entirely.

Removing pubic hair by waxing is considered more efficient because it leaves the skin smooth, with fewer possible health concerns. Fortunately, many modern innovations have completely eliminated the pain that accompanies waxing. Just as dentists numb the mouth before extracting a tooth that can threaten a patient's overall health, a client at a waxing salon can have their pubic area numbed to make the waxing session a painless experience.

Painless hair removal creams are made with the same active ingredient as the dentist's anesthetic: lidocaine. This substance serves as a topical anesthetic, making the surface so completely numb that something as intense as pulling out a tooth can hardly be felt. Similarly, a patch of hair getting pulled right off the skin can no longer hurt. The numbing cream also contains other ingredients like aloe vera extract that can reduce irritation and infections on the skin.

This cream needs to be applied to the area 30 to 45 minutes before the waxing session. This allows the cream to seep into the skin and take effect by the time the waxing session is in progress. To keep the cream in place, the user needs to put on a latex panty; using plastic wrap is a good alternative if you are allergic to latex.

A similar cream can also be used by men who want to have their pubic regions waxed. They also have latex underpants to put on after applying the numbing cream. Other precautions like exfoliating and trimming the hair still need to be practiced before the session. For more information, see

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