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Easy Tips to Balance Motorcycle Tires

by Charityk

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Many riders don’t think that improper tire balance can lead to getting involved in an accident easily. Motorcycle tire balancing is affected by road condition. Therefore, it is important to have the tires on your motorcycle is balanced correctly. All you need is to maintaining your tires in top condition.

Unbalanced tires could lead to a rough ride and cause lack of control which is a serious safety concern. Balancing tires on a motorcycle is similar to balancing vehicle tires. The tires are balanced using a system of weights that are placed on the motorcycle’s wheel.

Check the tire to see if it is visibly out of balance, remove the wheel and tire from the motorcycle. Then wipe up the wheels in order to eliminate any excess debris and place the wheel onto the top part of the wheel balancer. Ensure you position the tire balancer on a flat and levelled section of the floor.

Spin the tire and make sure nothing stops it from spinning Let the motorcycle tire spin until it stops naturally. Each time you spin to a stop mark the wheel at its highest spot using a paint pen or marker. Allow the tire balancer to turn while maintaining a safe distance during rotation.

Use duct tape to add wheel weights onto the wheel on the exact areas where the mark was made by the tire balancer. You can use heavy weight if the marks are very close and medium weight if they are separated by a couple of inches. Wheel weights can be found at most automotive shops which sell tires and rims.  

Turn the wheel and allow the weight wheels to go through balancing again in order to verify a balanced rotation. Place the mark 90 degrees from where it started. Release the tire and if the mark falls to the lowest point. Eliminate the weight, slice it smaller and reapply. But if the mark returns to the highest point, remove the weights and reapply a larger portion of lead.

Repeat the steps several times until the tire can be turned to any position without causing it to move. Ensure that the wheel stops at a random spot on each spin taken.

Tap the weight firmly into place with a hammer once you know the wheel is balanced. Reconnect the wheel to the cycle using an axle rod and lug nut. Replace the motorcycle tires on the bike.

Balancing Motorcycle tires can be done in very easy steps. All you need is your tires, paint pen or marker, duct tape and wheel weights. You can do this in the confinement of your home garage or take your car to the mechanic. Once the tires are balanced you can get ready to have a more safe fun and a smooth ride!

Charity Kadzo is a professional article writer working for, a company that deals with Jeep wheels and Pirelli Motorcycle Tires among other products.


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