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How to Remove Jeep Doors in 6 Easy Steps

by Charityk

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Jeep SUVs have been recognized as part of the off-road revolution which was used as military vehicles. But now Jeeps are designed more for highways than dirt road.  It is also useful and enjoyable to disassemble your Jeep Doors during summer season when it’s sunny or warm weather.

The advantage of having a Jeep is that it comes with removable doors. To remove a Jeep Door you don’t need any special materials or tools, what you need is some oil and 13-millimeter wrench. Jeep Doors can be removed within some few minutes and you can store the door in the Jeep for easy retrieval.

Here are some few steps to guide you to properly disassemble the door on your Jeep.

The first thing is to ensure that you have parked your Jeep on level ground. Open the Jeep Doors or door you want to remove. This will allow you to grip the door easier when it is time to lift it off. Examine the door jam in order to find the hinge connectors which secure the door to the vehicle frame. Establish if the door includes power locking mechanisms or has power windows. This enables you determine which appropriate steps to follow for the door removal.

Disconnect the power cables that operate the power window which are located under the left side of the dash board. Unplug the wiring harness connector which is covered with a rubber tube and it is where the power window cable is connected from the vehicle body to the door.

Detach the two black connecting straps that prevent the door from over-extending or opening too wide. This is done to separate the Jeep from its door. The straps are situated on the lower portion of the inside of the door. Close the Jeep Door halfway and lift the straps from the post on the door.

In order to remove the door on your Jeep, remove the hinge pins screws on the upper and lower outside hinges. Hinge is the only piece f hardware that keeps the door on. Use the T-50 torx on a ratcheting wrench. Note that, you should not remove one bolt at a time, remove each bolt from its secured position until it moves easily and then do the same to the next until all are loose.

Lubricate the hinge and bolt or nut assembly that holds the door by applying a liberal amount of penetrating oil like WD40 to the hinges. Let it soak for ten to fifteen minutes, this will make taking the doors off easier.

The next step is to remove the 13-millimeter nuts that hold the door on which are located on the bottom of the hinge pivots.  Use a socket wrench that matches the size of the nuts and loosen the bolt with a few quick tugs. After removing the nuts you can proceed to remove the Jeep Doors. Just firmly grasp the door and lift it straight up.

Take note that when removing full doors, roll down window, the Jeep Door can be heavy therefore handle the weight when it comes off the hinges and if the door is difficult to come off apply more oil. When lifting the door off, lean the window frame against your shoulder to be able to support the weight of the door in your hands.


Charity Kadzo is a professional article writer working for, a company that deals with Jeep wheels, Jeep Suspensions and motorcycle tires among other products.


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