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Services a Portland Pediatrician Offers for Child Patients

by chalicelindgren

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Pediatric health care, despite its name, often extends beyond childhood. That’s because a qualified pediatrician in Portland is committed to ensuring patients’ proper development through adolescence and well into early adulthood. A lot of young adults these days in fact continue to visit their pediatricians for check-ups or treatment of common ailments because their pediatricians are quite familiar with their respective medical histories.

Pediatric care can start as soon as a child is born. Pediatricians, for example, monitor the feeding and sleeping habits of newborn babies, and provide whatever medications they may need. In addition, pediatricians work closely with parents to ensure the holistic development of their young patients, which entails proper care and nutrition all the way.

Pediatricians can also guide parents on the proper ways to persuade their children, especially those who are picky eaters, to eat more fruits and vegetables and less junk food. A pediatrician can also enlighten parents on their concerns about vaccinations. With the pediatrician’s help, parents can inculcate better dietary habits and protect their children from deadly diseases.

Meanwhile, puberty and adolescence can be trying times for parents because it is at this stage when children start to become more independent. They also experience bodily changes that they may not be ready to discuss with their parents. Children undergoing puberty can see their pediatricians to understand the changes happening to their bodies. Pediatricians can also help parents communicate with their growing children more effectively.

Some problems may not be readily apparent, however. Take, for example, the stress children experience due to school work, peer pressure, or even bullying. Some children may in fact hide their concerns from their parents, thereby worsening their predicament. Aside from communicating with their children, parents can turn to a qualified Portland pediatrician for help in identifying particular areas of concern and the corresponding solutions.

Aside from providing emergency care, pediatricians also advise parents to make well-child pediatric visits a habit. This proactive approach to children’s health care is considered vital because children's development and health concerns need to be tracked for any possible discrepancies. For instance, a pediatrician can screen a child for possible developmental problems during well-child visits and call the parents’ attention before it is too late. For more information, see

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