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Where Women Hunt for Vintage Fashion Finds

by shielabartlett

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Most people are becoming fonder of retro, vectors, funky and old styles as years go on and on and on. They are fascinated by how gorgeous things turn out whenever they put or use those styles on them. No wonder old stuff has been brought to life again. Vintage – that’s how they call it. People love it. There can be others who don’t, but let’s admit that we see vintage everywhere now – in fashion, photography and technology. The “vintage” trend is accepted by many and experts say it will still be a trend in the near future.


Women are most likely the ones who are spellbound by vintage stuff and it’s definitely because of the fashions trends. Although photography also covers women’s fascination on it, still, vintage fashion reigns. So, how do women hunt vintage fashion finds? The following can probably give you clues.


  1. Boutique Shops – This is where most women find and buy cool vintage fashion finds such as laced clothes, brown skirts, leather shoes and retro accessories. Affordability is an issue with some boutique shops since they’re experts selling their own brand and product. However, women don’t find it pain in their pockets since they know it’s worth buying vintage stuff.


  1. Thrift Stores – Who among all women in the world doesn’t know about thrift stores? It’s where they can find the most precious vintage finds! And the one thing that’s best about buying in thrift stores is the affordability of every product they sell. They wouldn’t be called “thrift” stores if it wasn’t for that anyway. Most thrift stores offer vintage accessories and collection as well. You can find apparel too but be sure to find those that’ll definitely fit for you. Some of their products are in limited editions only.


  1. Garage Sales – It can be difficult to find a garage sale nearby but once a woman knows about an opening, she’ll certainly grab the chance. Don’t miss the opportunity to find a great piece like an old dress, funky sweatshirt or leather boots that’s made for walking. Garage sales can be more affordable in contrast with the two options above, but sometimes women find “quality” as always the same dilemma here.


  1. Online Selling Sites – Ecommerce has been one of the most successful business tools up to this date. Of course, women don’t easily get left behind. They know which online shop sells vintage and which doesn’t. There are huge sites like eBay where women can also be keen in finding dazzling vintage fashion finds. Online selling sites can also include social commerce sites that offer various products and services using social media platforms like Facebook. The internet is the largest place where women can really find what they’re looking for. It just takes a lot of patience because of the long duration of time before your precious vintage product enters your door. Prices also vary because of the additional charges like shipping cost. Eventually, for most women, all those things will become worth it in the end.


  1. Friend – Find a friend or make one who you know will have a lot of things to share or sell. Probably only a few women do this and it can be caused by a love-at-first-sight reaction whenever they find out that their friends have the cutest vintage clothes or stuff. This manner can end up a woman getting an item or two for free!


Women are known for being smart. Well, we all are. But admit it; women will do anything just to get their favorite or ideal fashion find. We’ll never know when these five ways will end up being a list of twenty or more.

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