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Signs to tell that your wheels need replacement

by Neomy

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Wheels on your vehicle need to be replaced from time to time. As much as they might still be in a good shape, it is important that they are changed. You should not wait until you get a flat tire or they finally collapse to know that you need new ones. If this is not done, you will be the one to suffer the consequences; accidents or even get late for important appointments.

The wheel, which consists of both the rim and the tire, is highly exposed to harm; high and extremely low temperatures, rough roads and due to the long distances you sometimes cover, they are exposed to overheating. All these harm the wheel in one way or the other and result to its wear and tear. Although, proper care and maintenance can help protect the wheel from early aging, there comes a time when wear and tear cannot be controlled by maintenance. This is the right time to change the tire.

There are several signs to look out for in order to tell that wheels need be changed. These signs on the wheel are able to tell that your wheels are at the verge of putting you at risk on the road.

The signs to look out for include;

Check the expiry date

Every tire has an expiry date. You probably never thought that a wheel has an expiry date. The expiry is indicated on the tire using the letters, “DOT”. These are followed by the expiry date. The expiry date however does not mean that on that particular day the tire will rot, or deflate at the middle of the journey, no. The expiry date is specifically used to show that by that date, the rubber that makes up the tire will have lost its quality. This means that its ability to shield itself from harm becomes reduced. When the expiry date finally comes, you need to replace the wheels immediately to avoid suffering the cost of failure to change them.

Regular loss of pressure

Although it is required of you to check the wheel pressure every now and then, it is not normal to find that the pressure reduces every time you go out for a ride. The pressure is supposed to last for several days. This means that if you find that the pressure is low, you check for holes on the tire and find none and the air-tight-plug is in position, something is wrong. And the most probably wrong thing is that you wheels are now in need of replacement. If you are involved in racing, your racing wheels need to be changed because they might cause you serious problems in the middle of a race. This is a sign of loss of quality and as you well know, wheels of low quality cause low performance to the car.


Loss of the tread pattern

 You need to get rid of tires that show signs of loss in the tread pattern. These tires have lost their grip on the rod and this is not good for your car. Sliding in the rainy season with such wheels is inevitable. And sliding means accidents. Check out for loss in tread pattern and replace the wheels immediately.


Check out the rims

There is a coating applied on the rims to protect them from rust. If you apply the coating a number of times and find that it gets off almost immediately thus exposing the rims to rust, it means that you metal rims cannot hold the coating in place and they can easily be attacked by rust. This is not good for them. You can also visit a rims selling store like Moto metal rims’ store and get guidance onto whether your rims need replacement.

These signs and others like tire peel off are the major ones which indicate that your tires need be changed. Check out these signs today, get to a nearby wheels tore like American racing wheels’ store and replace you wheels. Avoid accidents!

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