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Forget all the folk wisdom and enjoy your choice fragrance

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Among the items in our dressers that we use to groom ourselves is the indispensable bottle of discount designer perfume. Most of us wear fragrances on our body as part of our daily grooming routines. Perfume is rather unique though because unlike other beauty products like lipsticks and body lotions, one can’t tell if you are wearing one until he/she comes close enough to smell it. As such, until its fragrance scents the air, nobody will know that you are wearing the latest discount designer perfume. What this means is that you have to wear your fragrances appropriately so that people can catch a whiff of it as you interact with them. After all, what is the point of wearing a discount designer perfume if no one can smell it?

How to wear perfume is not an exact science. There are certainly lots of dos and don’ts for wearing perfume, most of which have no factual grounding at all but are just part of the perfumes rituals and folklores that people have developed over time. Majority of people certainly have no trouble wearing their favorite discount designer perfume amidst these copious pieces of advice. Some of the things warned against in this regard don't make sense at all. For example, you are warned against rubbing your wrists together after spraying perfume on them to avoid crushing the molecules. For anyone versed in rudimentary chemistry this advice is totally ridiculous; it doesn't really matter whether you let your perfume dry on its own or if you dab it away.

Spraying perfume onto one’s clothes is also condemned. While this advice makes a lot of sense, there is really nothing particularly wrong with perfume getting onto your clothes unless it is of the variety that stains, in which case it can leave an ugly splotch on your garment. In any case, a little perfume on your garments will ensure that they are all infused with your signature scent.

Perhaps the greatest debate on the subject of perfumes has to do with the parts of the body on which perfume should be worn and whether it should be sprayed, dabbed or spritzed. Folk wisdom has it that perfume is best applied to pulse spots like the wrists, behind the ears and inside the elbows where the body is warmest because the warmth will cause the perfume scent to rise and waft outwards and become perceptible to those around us. This makes sense considering that most perfumes have volatile components that carry the scent off our skins. Nonetheless, it’s not entirely necessary to spray perfume on these parts of the body; you can wear your fragrance on virtually any part of your body.

With all the confusing unscientific advice on wearing perfume you could easily get confused and frustrated. It is nevertheless best to experiment and learn for yourself what works best with your choice of discount designer perfume. Once you’ve discovered the most rewarding techniques for wearing your fragrance simply stick with them and enjoy the resounding glances of admiration with no worries.

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