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Manufacturers in China have more advantages than their count

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The largest populated country China has many advantages over the other manufacturers in other Asian countries. It is primarily due to its high literacy rate as well as its richest industrial experience which deliver all quality products and services in all the industrial sectors. The products and services provided by companies in China adhere to the rigorous standards that are needed by both western legislation and even the western consumers especially America and some of the European countries. The other important advantage seems to be cheapest labor cost which is very significantly lower than any other Asia countries. In fact the labor rates are much cheaper than India and other neighboring countries. High inflation in these countries has given an edge to the manufacturers in China.


Direct manufacturing outsourcing Vs Agents in China

This subject seems to be a debatable one as the need of such the China sourcing agent varies from industries to industries. Hence it is difficult to analyze the importance of this China sourcing agent in the present context of recession in the world economy. In the aspect of buying the product inventories for the manufacturing units, the need of these brokers looks mandatory due to various reasons like quality, price, range and even the language. With the advent of Internet the problem of language is drastically minimized in the recent years. However some brokers dominate still in many manufacturing sectors as they effectively manipulate the manufacturing companies. At times it is very difficult to differentiate them from the manufacturers as they project themselves as manufacturers.


Of course there are many honest individuals who act as the legitimate brokers. In the competitive field even a China manufacturer, tends to encourage these agents for their survival. In these recessive times most companies from America need to cut down their costs to pay these agents and contact the manufacturers’ directly by sending their representatives from US. Some of the European countries too follow the same steps as done by US companies. By establishing a direct contact with the manufacturers in China, one can reduce the cost of the middle man which will directly save good money to the outsourcing companies. This is the order of the day followed by most of the American companies in these hard times. In order to focus on the bottom line, many companies from all parts of the world try to concentrate on their core competencies to have an edge over the competitors and outsource some of the less priority jobs. This trend has given a good leverage to many manufacturers in China in meeting such demands from their clients both inside the country as well as the foreign countries. This factor seems to be a great advantage to the local manufacturers in China in opening their market to the outside world.


Benefits of outsourcing from China

China has been gifted with great natural resources like water, wind etc and those who are finding a good market for a product not necessarily do the manufacturing in their countries. Instead they can outsource those needy products through China sourcing agents and sell it in their countries. By this a win to win situation happens to all the concerned individuals which is a healthy sign in the economy. For these kinds of trading jobs the services of these China sourcing agents are very much needed in the marketing process.


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