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Out-of-the-box Approaches to Eliminate Cloud Computing Secur

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When Google can then why can’t you? Yes, we are speaking about the services and cloud computing security issues. Cloud computing has become the choice of many go-getters who do not mind taking a few risks that comes with the services. Till now, people just knew about some of the security-based inefficiencies of cloud computing and little are they aware that many of the pricks has already been sorted out and for the rest, there are some outstanding ways to handle them. And as mentioned in the opening line, when such kind of giant companies can use it without any tickle, why would we back-off just of fear with the size of a peanut.


Cloud computing is a source that works with the theme of Virtualization. But like everything has some side-effects, this one has got some too. The in-general, cloud computing security risks are:

®      Data loss and protection

®      Multi-tenancy

®      Security threats

Given above are the most basic problems that could be faced by a client. Other mere problems such as downtime problems, loading speed are no more a stuff to worry about.


For the rest of the unwanted instances, you can use the following approach to secure cloud computing procedures:-


  • Speaking of data loss and protection, it is one of the main uncertainties in cloud computing. Data loss may be caused due to a system catastrophe, or by attackers who may be attempting to trespass your firewall. Well, this is a common issue with every service that is available in the IT market. In a cloud computing environment, you can deal with it more easily than with other services. Cloud storages are very large and you can have a back-up of all your data that can be stored in a different server other than your own whose access will be provided to you by the cloud computing companies. This facility can be easily availed and without paying any extra amount. Moreover, if you know the location of your data then, you can get that server or data center more secured by using managed services that make your database and applications more pliant and private than before.
  • Multi-tenancy, a characteristic that means to share the same source for every work makes it suspicious for a customer to trust the service and is thus one of the cloud computing security issues. But the thing is there is little risk in this part as every customer’s resources are shared in separate stacks which are accessible by them only. For more security, you can opt for a 24x7 monitoring service. Your database will be in vigil all the time and if anyone tries to cross the security process, then he can be instantly caught.
  • Security threats will be no more a problem if you constantly update and test your software’s functionality. Make sure your firewall systems are working fine and that will be all.

Conclusively, it can be said that you just need to do a little groundwork to deal with these problems and once these cloud computing security issues are solved, you will realize the true potential of it.


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