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Change your old mop head with new magic mop refill

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Mops are the daily cleaning tools for a house. These are available in all kinds of markets and store with different shapes and designs. These mops are made with different types of materials such as nylon, cotton, microfiber, wool, synthetic and sponge. These mops come with adjustable handles to manage them easily. These wipe heads contain different shapes like flat, looped end, cut end, round and many other types. Usually, if you buy a mop, then you will get a mop refill to replace the head whenever required. Changing the old mop head with new magic mop refill is easier than buying a new wipe.

These are really useful to clean all the surfaces at home. Especially, flat mops are used for dusting and it can remove all the dirt particles easily. These are easy to handle with adjustable handle. These are preferable for all kinds of floors such as laminating, vinyl, linoleum, tiles and many others. Microfiber mops are good for laminating floors as these are expensive and easy to manage. These are washable after every use, but it might get accumulated with dirt particles after some uses. In that case, you need not to buy a new mop; instead you can replace the head with mop refill. You should change the head in every 6 months to prevent bad odor and germs.

Most of the people believe that it is difficult to change the wipe head, but it is incorrect. You have to follow some simple instructions to change the head. If you are changing it for sponge then unscrew the nuts and remove the old one. Fix the new refill on to it and tight the screws. Check the mop, by pushing it on the floor whether the screws are fixed properly or not. If it is not fixed correctly, then it can leave the scratches on the floor. So you should be careful when you fix them.

You can keep a wipe handy to maintain the hygiene in your house.  It is cost effective, less time consuming, easy to use and easily available in all kinds of stores. With this availability, you can change the wipe head once in six months and also select different materials like cotton, sponge, microfiber for each time you change it. You can keep your house clean and hygiene with all these mops.

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