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How not to give up your New Year’s Resolutions!

by liyo89

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The determination that you have within you decides what is possible and what’s impossible.  And when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, this has never been more true. 


When you fail to accomplish a goal setting task it – basically – sucks!  You’d prepared for the task and had put in quite an effort to do it well, yet you still couldn’t succeed.


Failure can break your confidence, and make you feel that, no matter how much effort you put in, you are never going to succeed so you do not want to try it again.  But I’m here to say ‘Don’t give up!’  Consider me your very own life coach!


Failure is always a disappointment, but at the same time people are too quick to give up.


It’s all too easy to look at ‘successful’ people and feel pretty bad about yourself but successful people can never excel in life without determination, thick skin and bucket-loads of self confidence.  Most of these people have tried and tried again to reach that success, and once reached they are not afraid to fail. You need to be the same, and keep on trying till you succeed – that’s the very heart of self improvement. Your mind has to be conditioned not to accept failures, and there has to be that willpower to drive you to success.  Once you let yourself feel defeated, it is very difficult to get back that all-important determination.


Keeping an open mind to succeed:


When it comes to setting a goal, you must have ambition to excel, and you need to keep an open mind. Do not shut yourself off by saying that you cannot do it. If you do that you will never get to see the opportunities that pass you by, which could help you to reach your goals. Once you quit, you will never get your confidence back – but if you get back up and try again and succeed, you’ll realise that you’re capable of ANYTHING.


Failures are the stepping stones to doing better.  If you have failed in a task, and if you have the determination to succeed, maybe you could use the experience of failure to find an easier way to accomplish that task. THAT’S what makes for success!


Ask questions:


When you meet with failure, and you are not able to find any other ways to approach the problem, it is time that you start asking yourself questions. You will be amazed to find yourself coming up with more answers, which will help you to accomplish your task. Well known people have done it this way, asking questions on the reasons of their goal-setting failures. Since you had tried and failed, there is no one else who could analyze your failure, and find out where you went wrong. You must identify the reason or reasons for your failures, and only then you would succeed in your attempts to accomplish your task.



It is said that Thomas Edison, tried 9,999 times to invent the light bulb. He’s supposed to have said that with every failure he found a different way to approach his research, and with each trial he was nearing his goal. You need that kind of tenacity to accomplish your goals.

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