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Adoption and Florida: What Birth Mothers Need to Know

by anonymous

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“Adoption Florida”. If you are a Florida birth mother facing an unplanned pregnancy, you might not have immediately associated the idea of adoption with your state of residence. But adoption is indeed a local matter that has everything to do with where you live. Yes, you can go to the Internet and search online resources about adoption, but until you add the word “Florida” to your search terms, your efforts to address your situation just won't be real, and you won't be able to gain a sense of the actual professionals who would help you through what seems to you right now to be the maze involved in the adoption process.

“Adoption Florida”—these search terms will display a panoply of information, but which of those hits and links is something worth your inquiry, something worth your time? Yes, you assumed the State of Florida would provide some sort of foster-child and adoption services, but what about private adoption in Florida? How does it differ from government-sponsored options? You are making the courageous choice to give and preserve life. Therefore, you ought to be aware of which adoption providers are truly local to you and the needs your child. Nationwide and regional adoption agencies can't possibly understand your situation, where you are. But how would your adoption agency's being in Florida make a substantial difference in your situation?

For birth mothers like you, an “Adoption Florida” search means confidentiality and the chance to talk with caring and welcoming attorneys, counselors, and staff who are resident Floridians, right here in your community. They know the difficulties and intricacies of your situation, because they have helped scores of Florida birth mothers like yourself select the right adoptive parents and assist you in obtaining and paying for arrangements for a place to live, plus groceries and utilities. In addition, a local Florida adoption provider will stick with you through your child's life, helping you even if you change your mind about the level of contact you want to maintain with the adoptive family.

An experienced and trustworthy local Florida adoption agency is licensed by the state and accessible for your legal questions, not to mention providing complete confidentiality at every step of the way. Because your adoption agency is local, they know that Florida woman like yourself do not make this decision lightly and deserve the greatest degree of forthrightness and sensitivity.

When seeking out a partner to help make the perfect match, you can be assured that the best-equipped Florida adoption providers are those run by local Floridians who can boast a track record of successful adoptions, satisfied birth mothers, and happy children. How can they do this? Simple: They can point to the many children—now adults—who have been blessed by the efforts of local agencies who have, for decades, answered the search criteria, “Adoption Florida.”

One World Adoption Services, Inc., a non-profit, state-licensed adoption agency, is experienced and caring enough to be at the top of an “Adoption Florida” list of search results. One World's number-one commitment is to help birth mothers who choose adoption in Florida. A local, community-based approach to the needs of your adoption is as easy as a visit our website at or a phone call to us, 24/7, at 1-954-596-2222 or 1-800-745-1416, to learn about our local and private means of uniting birthparents who want a safe, loving home find caring, local, and nurturing local adoptive families, right here in Florida.

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