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Fracking surveys find support in unexpected places

by nonwovenbag

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Many people in New York
and Pennsylvania have voiced concerns about the safety of hydraulic fracturing
for natural gas, or fracking. But two new surveys found that many people who
live in New York City and the suburbs approve of drilling in parts of that
state, and that Pennsylvania residents who live in an area of heavy drilling
feel the benefits outweigh the risks.

Siena College, which is just
outside Albany, said this week that a poll of 822 registered New York voters
taken in late November found 50 percent of respondents in suburban areas support
drilling in upstate portions the state, while 32 percent are opposed. In New
York City, 41 percent of those surveyed support upstate drilling, while 29
percent are opposed. The poll didn't break out particular suburbs or upstate

New York has had a moratorium on fracking since 2008, but
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has suggested that it be allowed in five upstate counties near the Pennsylvania
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before you make a final decision. Pennsylvania officials from both political
parties have embraced fracking, and more than 3,000 wells have been drilled
there since 2007.

"Right now what we see is that downstaters, who would
be the least affected from both the environmental and jobs point of view, are
much more supportive than upstaters," said Steven Greenberg of the Siena College

Sandra Steingraber, an anti-drilling activist who lives in
Tompkins County, just north of the five-county region likely to see the first
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best-selling version but furthermore the most said upstate residents are more
likely to be opposed because they've learned so much about the issue during four
years of intense debate.

About 40 upstate communities in New York have
passed bans on fracking, usually at the behest of opposition groups that have
circulated petitions. There are movements under way in about 90 more communities
to ban or enact moratoriums, but almost all are in towns outside the most likely
drilling area near the border. Court challenges are pending against three of the
bans with the industry arguing that only the state has authority to regulate gas

About 60 communities, most of them in the five-county region
that Cuomo has suggested might be opened to drilling, have passed resolutions
saying they won't ban fracking but will instead defer to the state's authority
to regulate the industry.

Overall, more upstate New York residents
opposed drilling in the poll— 45 percent— compared to 39 percent who favor it,
Greenberg said, but they weren't able to specifically break out the opinions of
people in the region where some local governments support fracking.

a survey in Pennsylvania did just that.

The University of Pittsburgh
Center for Social and Urban Research asked similar questions to 403 people in
Washington County, which has about 600 gas wells and is about 25 miles south of

Forty-nine percent of the residents sampled strongly or
somewhat supported the boom, and 22 percent didn't care much one way or another.
Just 10 percent were strongly opposed to drilling, while another 19 percent were
somewhat opposed. Those results run contrary to the claims of many anti-drilling
activists, who say fracking does more damage to communities than good.

Just over 76 percent in Washington County said drilling offered
significant or moderate economic opportunities, and almost 32 percent had a
family member who had signed a lease with a gas drilling company. But almost 24
percent still thought drilling represents a significant threat to the
environment, while 34 percent thought it was a moderate threat. Forty-two
percent thought it was no threat,If you are a student and you purchase a
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The two states have taken different approaches to drilling in the huge
Marcellus Shale gas resource that lies beneath large parts of both,Different pen shape usb
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under West Virginia, Maryland and Ohio.

Federal energy experts say it
became the most productive natural gas field in the country this fall. About
3,500 wells are producing gas in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and the wellhead value
this year is estimated to be in the $7 or $8 billion range, even though there's
still no drilling in many places.

While fracking has made it possible to
tap into deep reserves of gas, it has also raised concerns about pollution.
Large volumes of water, along with sand and hazardous chemicals, are injected
underground to break rock apart and free the oil and gas. Regulators in
Pennsylvania and other states with heavy drilling contend that overall, water
and air pollution problems are rare. New York put a moratorium on fracking in
2008, and is trying to decide whether to proceed.

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