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Time management:

by anonymous

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Time management is the efffective tool to reach the great heights in personnal life and professional life of individual. Time management if of focusing things not being busy and messing up things. We should always keep in mind that 4/5 of sucess is based only on the 1/5 of effort made by us. To follow an effective time management in our life we should always keep in our mind the below eight points.
1. Keep a To Do list:
We should always have an To Do List which will help us in not leaving out that is not forgetting to do any activity. Forgetting in completion of activities due to the mess up of works may cause us heavy values to be paid, so it is better that we have a list of activities to be done.
2. Set Personal Goals:
Many of us never set goals not only for short and receint future but we forget to set for the long run also which will lead us to an aimless work procedure. We should always set a timely goal at different levels to fix up our determinations and priorities.
3. Prioritize:
We will into an work which we would have even completed half more way but when an work pushes you up as urgent then its ultimately known that youshould always know how to priorities things which flows in to you. So Prioritation is always important for an effective time management.
4. Manage Distractions:
Its been believed and proved that each and every man has distraction in his day to day life, which may cause effortlessness in work and block up us in the complition of our day to day work and spoil our day to day list. Its our talent to learn how to minimize our distration and avoid unwanted interuptions.
5. Dont Postponed:
Due to lack of time management skill we always postponed our works to the next day or later to be done but we always suffer from certain feelings like guilty and irresponsivness. to avoid such feelings better we avoid postponment of our works and follow an effective time management.
6. Avoid Addiction to busyness;
There are people who are been addicted to busyness always they feel to be in work only when there is a piles of files and poring of emails and attendable urgent works but these kind of activity will lead to  in effectiveness of works and lackness in results.
7. No Multitasking:
When people are overloaded with work they always tend to do multitask their work and feel that they are efficient enough to complete more works, But the fact is that they are lacking in the completion of works from the normal time to be consumed. So it is better to follow the to do list and complete the works.
8. Take Breaks:
People think that they can work on a stress the whole working day and complete the total work list to be done but as humans it never possible. We have to take breaks in between to boost up our energy and gear up. Breaks doesnt mean of wasting time but its just refreshing like having a coffee or a relaxed small walk.

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