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Earlier, a trend was observed among individuals of exchanging cell numbers to one another. Today, that particular trend is gradually dimming. People these days are more interested to keep in touch on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Hi5, MySpace etc. ‘Are you on Facebook?’ is one of the most asked questions among friends and acquaintances these days. In fact, four out of five individuals keep in touch with friends through social networking days these days. Advertisers and brand owners have also made the most out of these social networking sites by making them as platforms to interact with their potential target customers.  Thus, online advertising has a new flavour to offer i.e. promoting brands or businesses through social networking sites.

It has been noted that any type of Internet Advertising through social networking sites provides the much needed proximity to target customers.  Social networking ads also increase the frequency of social contact among brand owners and customers and thus encouraging the latter to get familiarize with the features of the brand. Social networking also creates structured communities where brand owners can encourage target customers to indulge in many discussions or share a casual joke or post. However, in all these, the discrepancy of customers is strictly maintained. They still have complete control on accepting or denying the brand message as they do on every online advertising campaign. None of the brands of any social networking site forces customers to read the message or compels to adopt it at any cost.

Maintaining a social networking account needs experience and expertise. Most of the business firms have social media optimizers who handle the accounts of their organizations.  Through these professionals, brand owners can also conduct a survey on other competing brands.  Social networking is also about mixing work and fun. One can make new business clients or attract customers on the various social networking sites. If your brand does not have a presence on social media, you are missing something.

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