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Tips for Safe Online Shopping

by articleajay

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Online shopping is the most convenient way to shop these days. Most of us are trying to shop from online websites, but as the craze for online shopping is increasing these days so as the online frauds are increasing. Many of us trust the website and give all the credentials to the website which harms in the long run. So, how to know that if the website is a genuine or a fake one.

Here we will share some of the useful tips to get rid of the online shopping frauds

1. Not to fall for Fishy Looking Websites

It will be very difficult to tell from the first go if the site needs to be trusted or not, but if some of the points being taken care of you can easily judge it. Those points are if you see a non sensical web address or multiple pop-up windows you are not able to close. If any of these points you see on the website straight away stop shopping from the website.

2. Don’t click on the hyperlink those embedded in mails

Any of the trusted online shopping websites will not send you emails asking you to click on the link and visit an website outside, So don’t click on the link in the mails. If you really want to open the URL you should rather type the web address on the browser and open the site, or if you don’t do so you may land up providing your confidential information in to the wrong hands unintentionally.

3. Shop On secure websites

To know if the website is safe for shopping or not you need to check for “https” rather than “http” or you can check the secure websites logo’s you may find those most of the times at the bottom of the home page. Make sure your anti-virus is updated.

4. Make use of automatic identity-theft protection

That's one reason to use your credit card instead of debit cards or cash for your holiday shopping. If you see erroneous charges on your statement, you can call your credit card company, which will investigate on your behalf.

5. Change Passwords Often

You might say that it’s really difficult to remember the password but it is really for your own benefit. But Even then if you find it really difficult to remember the passwords try to keep the password with a combination of numbers and alphabets so that it is really hard to hack you password.

6. Be sure of Your Rights

You should know what your rights are before shopping online as you have the right to cancel the order, if the shipping is not done on time. You should cancel the order and get the refund.

7. Shop on the cell phone carefully

There are changes that you fall in the trap easily if you shop on mobile as on the mobile the URL length is really shortened and you won’t be able to guess the authenticity of the website easily and chances increase of falling in the trap. Try to avoid public Wi-Fi network for shopping or providing your personal information on any such network.

Online shopping being the need of the hour, so we will keep you updated with latest happing in the online shopping world and latest trends in online shopping in India(

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