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Sell Your House For Cash with TRP Properties

by declannash

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Today's property market is tough thanks to the general downturn of the economy - people can't afford to buy houses, or simply save their cash as they are scared times will get worse and they need something to fall back on. Thanks to this the value of property has gone down and it's difficult to sell. It's a great time to buy for those with money though, as property prices, on average, are down.

If you are a seller looking to find the right buyer for your property it can take a long time in today’s climate. This can prove troublesome if you need to move now, whether because you can’t afford to keep your house, or you simply have to move for other reasons. Many people also get frustrated because they just want a simple sale and having to withstand months of estate agents arranging viewings, talking to solicitor’s and so on, just isn’t how they love spending their time.

There is fortunately an option if you want to sell your property straight away and that’s to sell it for cash. This means that you will sell the property for about 80-95% of its value, but the sale will be concluded within a week (or less if need be) and you will have the money in the bank in no time.

The reason why it is possible to sell your property for cash is because there are always buyers out there, if you know where to find them and companies like ourselves that specialize in this kind of sale have a large network. As mentioned it’s a great time for buyers when the market is down and if they get a further 5% discount, they are happy to buy straight away.

It can seem harsh to sell for less than what your property is worth, but by the end of the day time is money also and what is more you don’t have to spend money on solicitors, or estate agents as the sale will be taken care of for you. Nor do you have to spend money on redecorating the property to attract buyers as we will simply evaluate the property for what it is worth in its current condition. Many times buyers on the normal market aren’t interested in buying a property which they need to do up because they aren’t buying it as an investment, but rather looking to move in straight away.

At TRP Properties we guarantee that we buy any house in the UK. We offer a free valuation and give an offer if you ask us for it. We never pressurize you into selling – you have to be aware of your options and do what’s right for you. We believe we offer a quick, hassle free sale of your house, but it’s up to you to decide to sell it through us. If you have questions we will be happy to answer them and hopefully sell your house for cash in the next week or so! 

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