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Single Screw Extruder as well as Twin Screw Extruder

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Standard single screw extruder isn't suited to WPC forming functioning, because it procedures the vulnerable ability regarding material transmitting as well as plasticization. The actual tranny affection associated with single screw extruder primarily is dependent upon the part regarding rubbing. The timber construction is simply too fluffy to nourish, and the filling up associated with wood construction increase the risk for polymer melt consistency increase making producing more difficult? so the materials features a lengthier duration withinside the canister ,at the same time frame end up being operate for the natural fiber with high normal mineral waters percentage for the bad strenuous affection. As a result, conventional single screw extruder is going to be tremendously constrained withinside the extruding technique of wood-plastic amalgamated materials.

The one most mess extruder, which can be applied to the particular WPC building procedure, must utilize the specially designed twist. This type of screw ought to has strong ability with regard to material transmission and also mixing materials plasticization, and it can frequently blend and pelletize supplies before extruding.

These days the key operation of WPC is actually twin screw extruder, as it delivers supplies depending on the actual basic rule of positive shift as well as getting absolutely simply zero strain going back ,effortless feeding ,good exhausting passion. Therefore the particular risky elements in wooden flour may be completely eliminated. The engagement associated with screws with each other and the robust cutting could make the fabric have superior blending and plasticization affection. The timber flour can't be burn since the less level of wooden flour is actually, the actual shorter period the fabric will stay in twin screw extruder.

Therefore, the flour can be used throughout WPC item for the twin screw extruder using a good substance including and also blending passion.

Twin twist extruders have two sorts: parallel co-rotating twin screw extruder and parallel counter-rotating twin screw extruder.

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