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Noise Pollution of Circular Vibrating screen

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     Henan Hongxing is mainly a production of heavy mining equipment, sand and gravel equipment, mineral processing equipment, new building materials, equipment, aerated concrete equipment, complete sets of equipment of the sand-lime brick, concrete equipment, scientific research, production, sales as one of the modern enterprise scientific management methods, manufacturing process excellence, and innovative manufacturing concepts quickly grow. up as the base of mining machinery production and export in China.
     Circular vibrating screen is a kind of mineral processing equipment, due to more vibration source, so it has a lot of noise. This configuration determines it belongs to a machine that generates a strong noise. Faced with today's technology, the most effective method we take only is noise processing. Following Henan Hongxing technicians will analysis the reasons that how circular vibrating screen produce such a large noise.
      The first is a bearing problem. Bearing vibrates during operation, which has a influence on the vibration and noise of circular vibrating screening machine. Practice has proved that the size and speed of the sound pressure level of noise and bearing than they. This is a higher frequency of non-harmonic vibration and distribution of a wide frequency band. The vibration of the bearing during operation is mainly from the structure and manufacture of the two aspects. In structural terms, the rolling bodies through the load, and causes slight changes and vibrates. In manufacturing, the rolling body, to maintain the frame and inner and outer rings and rolling table and then the geometric shape error, and then caused vibration, which waviness greatest impact, following is different degrees and surface smooth, in the rolling, outer one part, the geometric shape error of the rolling surface have the greatest impact on the vibration and noise.
      Another very important is the arrangement of the vibrator eccentric mass. During the Vibrator working, the centrifugal force generated by the eccentric mass makes the eccentric shaft bend, thereby generating the relative deflection of the inner and outer races of the bearing, so that the trajectory of the bearing rolling element change, thereby increasing the vibration response.

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