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What to look for in an Email Marketing Company

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Nowadays you cannot simply have an email marketing provider that can only handle email marketing. It is much more important to find an integrated solution that can handle all of your needs in one convenient place. Marketingship not only offers free email marketing software but a whole range of products that cover your every need.


The 5 Individual Tools


MailCraft, EventCraft, CommunityCraft, ContactBase, and MediaBase are the 5 tools you can find within the Marketingship Suite. ContactBase and MediaBase are the two core elements common to and shared between ournthree Craft disciplines.


MailCraft and EventCraft can help you generate interest and awareness in your endeavors by helping spread your message using attractive designs:


• The intuitive design of the MailCraft and EventCraft workflow will guide you and lead you through each process to start your email newsletter serviced and event campaign with ease


• MailCraft and EventCraft save you effort by tracking the elements you'll re-use beginning to end


• MailCraft lets you present your message as personal, professional, artistic, or however you think will resonate with your audience. Increase the personal feel with shared videos, audios, photos, Facebook, and Twitter links on your newsletter


• EventCraft automates your event's lifecycle from auto-reminder, registration, ticket sales, online payment processing, capacity tracking, to post-event segmentation


• ContactBase allows you to know your contacts like never before through the robust search feature and segment your contacts the way you prefer using self-define customized fields and event activity related tracking criteria


• MediaBase enhances your interaction with members by helping you build a sustainable ecosystem that holds your organization's entire knowledge base allowing you and your members to upload and share files


Don't MultiTask, MultiTool


Using Marketingship's toolkit to organize and manage your businesses, clubs, nonprofits, organizations, and associations is about reducing Friction Cost in the same way a Multi-Tool can help you from having to carry a whole toolbox for a simple task. One of our key considerations is the time savings for our users because of the benefits from integration. At Marketingship, we are dedicated to assist you build an organic community and make collaboration efficient. We believe we've created a web-based Suite which acts as:

• A community building tool

• A collaborative platform

• A social campaign management assistant

• A customer/member data hub

• A social engagement initiator

• A collaborative portal for internal communication and data sharing


How the Tools can reduce Friction:


We believe this Suite could serve you to make things better because it


• Ensure greater accountability

• Enable real time management

• Enhance relevance and personalization

• Improve data and process integration

• Foster collaboration

• Simplify and automate administrative functions

• Create a member portal for self-service and communication

• Create an online member or business directory

• Begin or improve online fundraising


You could use Marketingship as a communication platform to publish your tennis club member directory, store training materials and member surveys, discuss user experience on the latest tennis racquet with your members, organize tournaments, announce exciting club events, publish member news, track your member's enthusiasm of getting involved so that you could serve them better, and manage your member data and make the most use out of it.


The MarketingShip Suite won't solve all the problems in the world but applied properly to the right problems it can reduce many Friction Costs which you experience today.

Save Time. Save Money. Eliminate Headaches.

MailCraft. EventCraft. CommunityCraft.

From Marketingship

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