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Tampa Eyelid Surgery to Fix Ptosis

by dennisrode

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A few months ago, Boston mayor Thomas Menino underwent eyelid surgery to correct his droopy eyelids—his fifth time to go under the knife in general. The doctor who did the treatment said that the surgery was solely for practical reasons, as Menino's saggy eyelids were already limiting his vision. Tampa eyelid surgery experts diagnose this as dehiscence ptosis.

In general, ptosis (also called "lazy eye") is a condition where the upper or lower eyelids droop lower than regular. This is typically a result of muscles that are not strong enough to hold the eyelids up, causing them to droop. In Menino's dehiscence ptosis, the tendon that raises the eyelids might be loose or has weakened over time. At age 69, the Mayor's ptosis isn't unusual because muscle degeneration takes place as the body ages.

Aging aside, droopy eyelids could also be caused by other factors such as a complication at birth or the presence of a lump. Despite the presence of a tumor or cyst, sometimes the eyelid can still function properly, although it progressively needs more force to raise itself due to the weight of the lump. In such cases, eyelid surgery is usually required to remove the tumor—and correct the droopy eyelid.

There are particular kinds of ptosis that do not necessarily need surgical solutions. Comprehensive medical treatment, doctors state, is more suitable for ptosis caused by weak muscles or a nerve breakdown. In addition, not all droopy eyelids automatically translate to ptosis. The presence of excess skin around the eyelids (a condition doctors call dermatochalasis), for example, is primarily a dermatological issue more than a functional one.

Menino's case is among a number of cases that prove that surgical treatment, in general, isn't done simply to enhance physical appearance. Saggy eyelids are an obstacle to clear vision and it should not be left unaddressed. As ptosis is typically an effect of aging, the elderly are more vulnerable to droopy eyelids. They must see an eye specialist or an eyelid surgery practitioner should their saggy eyelids become problems.

Check out the Boston mayor's surgery at For more information about ptosis, check out the website of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus at For related information about other kinds of cosmetic treatments such as a Tampa facelift, inquire from a cosmetic specialist near you.

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