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Ductless Air Conditioning Units in Miami, Florida

by anonymous

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Alan builds and restores cars as a hobby, then turns around and sells them at a profit. His shop is a free standing three car garage behind his house, with ceiling fans to help circulate our, typically too warm and moist, South Florida air. As a former professional motorcycle mechanic, I spend some evenings helping out.

We guys have been very inventive concerning our overly hot working conditions. Among the fixes we’ve tried: were a small keg of beer, on tap, in the fridge, an exhaust fan with the doors open, standing fans; the cold beer was the best idea.

Being disconnected, from the house, we couldn’t benefit from his home air conditioning, which would have been ideal.

Alan called his air conditioning people, Arcon AC, Inc., who suggested that ductless air conditioning units would solve the cooling problems in the shop.

Being the kind of guys, who are constantly on the Internet looking for car parts, we decided to utilize my laptop and a couple of mugs of cold beer in our quest for information on ductless air conditioning units. What we learned was really cool (pun not intended).

All ductless air conditioning units have clear advantages over both central air and window units. Central air uses big powerful fans and is connected to each room by expensive ducting, which may involve major reconstruction in older homes. Window units project farther into the room and can be pretty noisy.

Like central air, a ductless mini split air conditioner has two parts: the noisy compressor part is outside and the quiet fan unit is inside, connected through a single small hole in the wall.

In ductless air conditioners the unit is placed very high, as close to the ceiling as possible. This way, the cold air travels downward throughout the room naturally and doesn't need any big energy-eating fan.

With ductless air conditioning units, the air in the building will become cold much faster than with the central conditioning. When we got off the internet we called Arcon AC, Inc. for a free estimate.

They proposed that units at each end would keep the garage cool, on our hottest days.

Alan liked the idea and when he found out that he could cover the cost, with the profit from his current project and still have a little left over, he gave his okay. Arcon helped Alan to select just exactly the right brand (they carry several high quality makes) and the right size units for the shop. The whole installation was finished in just one day.

The new units are now installed and only one is generally needed, for most days, with the second one in reserve, for the soggy, hot days of our Florida summers. We can work longer, more comfortably now, and even the beer tastes better. Thanks Alan. Thanks Arcon.


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