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Setting Up a Direct Debit Portal

by davein

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If you get a chance to switch to a portal that is highly efficient in gaining control over receiving payments, reducing overheads, and witnessing an improvement in the total cash-flow. With Smart Debit you can easily set up the perfect Direct Debit Portal by following a few simple steps. When you decide to use the technology of direct debit, the first thing to look at is how the implementation would work and would it be difficult to understand and adopt or is it an easier task? The service provider would explain everything in detail so that you get a complete overview about how would the receiving of payments is transacted. Complete instruction as well as right advice would be provided regarding the integration of systems, what remains for you to do is to decide on which system to take.


The next step in setting up of Direct Debit Portal is arranging for a Service User Number (SUN). This number is necessary because when you receive payments from your customers their bank statements would be formatted with your trading name to let them know about the withdrawals. It might take a few days to set up completely. Once the setup is done, it would be possible for you to sign up your customers on the direct debit system and receive payments immediately. To start with direct debiting from new payers installation of AUDDIS (Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service) is needed. This installation will assist in lodging the details of new payers with Bacs software and start with the direct debiting.


In the future you might expand your business and as a result many new customers would be added to your business’ clients list. How simple would it be if you get the chance of signing up the new payers via Internet or phone? This can be done, but would need an additional application form published by your bank. Though it might take a little longer to set up this facility, ultimately you will be benefitted with the many advantages of paperless direct debiting. Once the set-up of Direct Debit portal is completed with all the required documentation, you will receive an implementation document for setting up of recurring payments, which is considered as a necessary document.


Post the set-up of Direct Debit Portal you will receive assistance in every possible way from the service provider's executive. There would be complete assistance and advice on rules, procedures, costs and system of your monthly activity that will be presented in detail as well as summary. Reports would also be presented on cancellations of payments, if any. Once the set-up is done it would be very easy to operate things with direct debiting. 

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