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Take Action For Bill & Lou!

by anonymous

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Emotions run high when advocating for animals, but we have a much better chance of being heard and taken seriously if we conduct ourselves in a courteous and respectful manner. Please keep ALL correspondence concerning Bill and Lou polite and respectful while remaining steadfast in our desire to see them released to a sanctuary. Every positive action we take is important. Thanks for caring about these gentle giants.


Bill and Lou’s Facebook page:


What You Can Do To Help Bill & Lou


Sign and Share these Petitions:


People to Contact:

Green Mountain College

President Paul J. Fonteyn

phone: 802 287 8201


Kenneth Mulder
Farm Manager, Research Associate and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Green Moutain College
phone: 802 287 2941


Bill Throop
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Green Mountain College
phone: 802 287 8214


The Vermont Agency of Agriculture

Online Contact Form:


Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets - 802-828-1619

Chuck Ross Secretary of Agriculture


Governor Peter Shumlin

Online Contact Form:
Phone: 802 828-3333
TTY: 800 649-6825
Fax: 802 828-3339




Reference Information/Articles About Bill and Lou:    

There has been a lot of coverage for Bill and Lou. Here are samples if you’d like to read more about them. Posting comments, if allowed, on these articles is always a good way to show your support as well.

Vine Sanctuary Posts

Vine Sanctuary has offered a home to Bill and Lou at no cost whatsoever to Green Mountain College but their offer has been refused.

Memo to Green Mountain College President and Board of Trustees 11.1.2012        


Letter to the President of Green Mountain College 10.31.2012


Open Letter to Parents of Green Mountain College Students 10.29.2012


An Open Letter to the Students of Green Mountain College 10.19.2012


Memo to Green Mountain College Board of Trustees 10.15.2012


Shades of “Green” (Update on Lou and Bill) 10.13.2012




News Articles/Blog Posts

10.21.2012: Bill and Lou: Who lives, who dies, and why


10.28.2012: Oxen’s Fate Is Embattled as the Abattoir Awaits


10.16.2012: Green Mountain College's False Environmentalism: Why Is GMC Killing Its Mascots?


10.24.2012: Green Mountain College Will Feed Its Students Their 'Mascot' Oxen, Bill And Lou


10.25.2012:The slaughter of two oxen teaches students status quo not compassion


10.29.2012: Eating oxen Bill and Lou is “morally preferable” to retiring them to a sanctuary, says college spokesman


10.31.2012 IMPORTANT Bill and Lou Updates Plus an Exclusive Essay by John Sanbonmatsu


10.12.2012 College Statement regarding Bill & Lou  


10.31.12: College Statement regarding Bill & Lou from President Paul J. Fonteyn to the GMC Community 


10.31.2012 Bill and Lou still alive


10.24.2012: College unmoved by outpouring for oxen


10.29.2012: Protesters, some students clash on fate of Vermont oxen


10.31.2012: College spurns sanctuary’s offer to adopt oxen destined for slaughter


Green Mountain Animal Defenders statement regarding Bill & Lou


10.30.2012: An Eloquent Plea for Bill and Lou from Edinburgh


10.29.2012: Sentimentalism and the Dangers of "Slow Meat" Bill and Lou and Me and You


10.25. 2012: Green Mountain College Updates


10.21.2012: Despite Protest, College Plans To Slaughter, Serve Farm's Beloved Oxen


10.26.2012: Demonstrators Protest College Plan To Slaughter Oxen


10.25.2012: Vt. oxen slaughter: 'Sustainable' or cruel?


10.26.2012: Vermont college feels heat over oxen’s fate


10.26.2012: Animal rights activists protest oxen slaughter plan


10.21.2012: Despite Protest, College Plans To Slaughter, Serve Farm's Beloved Oxen


10:25.2012: Opponents of plan to slaughter college's oxen to hold protest


10.24.2012: Green Mountain College 2 slaughter oxen after 10 yrs of service despite world plea


10.24.2012: College Plan to Kill Oxen Draws Global Protest



Jane Velez Mitchell: Two oxen facing slaughter


VINE Sanctuary talks about Bill and Lou


VIDEO: BILL and LOU...time is running low for these two brothers now



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    Be humane please. Your college's reputation's at stake.

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