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What is the scope of a career in oracle database?

by anonymous

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Every organization, In IT sector is in need of database. What is a database? Why the organizations prefer it?  It is the collection of information held in a system and can be easily accessed and managed. The main purpose of database in a company is to store and retrieve the important data whenever it is required. In information management, database server is the key to solve the problems. As we all know that server manages a vast amount of data for multi user environment. This server gives concurrent access to data for all users within organization.

To maintain the enterprise grid computing, experts have developed many database architectures such as oracle, SQL, MSSQL and more. Compared to other architectures, oracle is an enormous database and has many modules like oracle apps, oracle apps DBA, oracle database, oracles RDMS and more. Out of this oracle database stands first to maintain and store the enterprise data effectively. It is the one, which helps manage the database server in an organization. These days most of the organizations prefer oracle as it manages applications, information and it provides cost-effective and flexible functions. With oracle architecture, each new system is easily identified from the pool of mechanism. It can easily add capacity for peak workloads or it can collect the capacity from other resource systems as it needed.  The database has both logical and physical structures separately. We can easily manage physical storage data with this database architecture without effecting logical structures data access.

In IT industry, there are plenty of oracle database jobs opportunities available. To get a career in this field, you require the following skills

  • Good knowledge of operating system and physical database design.
  • Good knowledge on all oracle tools and oracle security management.
  • Good understanding on database, data integrity and business requirements.

The main responsibilities in this job role are

  • One should maintain the database which is required for development, testing and for production use.
  • Should plan and implement the backup and recover the database.
  • Enforce the security for the entire oracle database.
  • Should maintain the database and provide technical support for application design and development teams.

The people who have these skills can easily get an oracle database jobs in IT sector.

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