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Solar Trackers - Advanced Panel For Saving Energy

by caylenadams

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In the era of globalization, solar trackers are sort of devices for orienting a day lightning reflector, solar panel or concentrating solar reflector or lens toward the sun. This is really a unique is idea to save energy and use them for our daily life. Now solar system work best when pointed at or near the sun so solar canopy can increase the effectiveness of such systems over any fixed position.

Basically solar trackers may be a single axis or dual axis tracker increases the annual output by a minimum of 30% and a dual axis tracker increases it by an additional 6%. Solar canopy or trackers are perfect to use with solar panels, to ensure the maximum efficiency of your system. Now the systems are absolutely affordable. Some solar units are sold with trackers. These are easy to install and use. You will save more energy to use this system.

Now the current breakeven point is 500 to 600 watts depending on its location and the type of solar PV tracker you use. The breakeven point is the point where the solar tracker pays itself off and makes the entire system economically positive. If for example you have six 75 watt solar panels that you are using with a solar PV tracker that tracks the sun dawn to dusk, it will be more advantages to use solar canopy that it will be to buy more photovoltaic panels.

Now the economics also depends on when you want to use the electricity. If you use solar trackers in the summer when the panels produce the most electricity and have a net metering agreement in place, then you can build a surplus of electricity that you can use in winter months when there is less sun.

So try to spend some money on the basic mounting of the solar power tracker. A tracker will act as a wind sail, so you do not want the system to be blown over by a gust of wind. So make sure you use more concrete than advised to keep the base in place. Now manual switch kits allow you to control the position of the solar trackers. So buy this switch kit. It also allows you to move the solar panels in cases of maintenance of removing debris.

The type of solar trackers you use will depend on your location and the amount of sun you receive. Basically in cold and windy areas, a thermally operated system may not be as reliable because they depend on temperature to operate.

In early days, of solar energy installation, maximizing yields was less important than developing technologies. With the advent of feed in tariffs solar installation are finding profits in increasing the number of kilowatt hours delivered to the utility grid. The incentive is money, but the benefits result in improved technologies, not only in collection but in cost efficiencies.

Orion Solar Racking specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing photovoltaic, solar canopy racking systems. Since its foundation Orion has released a range of high-quality and innovative mounting systems. We provide roof, ground, and BIPV mounting solutions for residential, commercial and utility grade. Our mission is to promote renewable energy solutions with solar trackers.

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