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Dressing – already made easier

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Most of you might take the whole procedure around dressing as granted; an activity you don’t even think about and just do, for no more than a minute or so. However, there are some disabled people, whether they are with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, handicap or they are just elder, for which such everyday activities like that are an obstacle which takes a lot of efforts. For this purpose there were created dressing aids products that could help almost everyone to get through the difficulty to reach their feet as they dress or have a hard time with finger movements in order to do up their buttons.

A new way to gain confidence

Dressing aids products have made the life of people who have arthritis or other chronic conditions much easier, reducing their levels of pain and stress. Dressing aid could also help a person to dress with minimal help from a carer; they could as well not only decrease the efforts that one makes but help people to gain their self-confidence and independence by allowing them to be as self-managing as possible. The mere fact that these types of products were created means that someone understands and respects your needs.

Some things you should have in mind

If you decide to use the help of dressing aids products you should better know one main thing: despite your free will and choice what to wear, there are some factors that might affect your choice for good. The first and most important thing is what kind of fabric would be most suitable for you because this would determine how easy the fabric is for laundry and how you will use it appropriately with the dressing aid. For example, if you have swollen or painful fingers, you should as well avoid small buttons and zips that could only make this harder for you.

Another thing you should have in mind is travelling, because once you start using dressing aids you won’t be able to live without their convenience. For example, if you are using a sock aid, better make sure that except for keeping it in your drawer you also to take it with you on the occasions when you travel.

Products on the market

For the convenience of the clients, there are many types of dressing aid products and each of them, as you might already be wondering, might be purchased from the local medical supply store, or even from some kind of an online company that might offer medical good.

Also, if this is the first time you ever hear about such stuff, then you might be interested to find out what kinds of products there are. For example, for something around £15 each you could buy yourself a leg lifter, a dressing stick, a bra angel, a sock aid, a dressing sleeve or even a good grips button hook, that could get a secure grip on any buttons that seems too hard to grasp. You could also buy yourself a shoe remover, a zip grip and any other kinds of dressing aid products.

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