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What if You are unable to read the Partition Table

by tompatrick

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You have been working hard on a project; the submission is after two days. You are all set to make a good impression. But then, when you start your computer, you don’t hear it boot. Instead, you see a blank screen displaying the error message: “Unable to read partition table.” To your horror, you realize that the error message displayed means that your NTFS partition is lost. You panic! What are you supposed to do? The system doesn’t seem to respond. You try restarting – with no effect. You go numb when you realize, you don’t have any copy of the project work done except the one lying in your computer. You pray for a miracle, at the same time, start wondering if there is any NTFS file recovery software that would help you recover not only the lost partition but also all your data stored within.

NTFS Partition

NTFS partition is a storage space on the hard disk. It is common to find several partitions on a single Computer System. The NTFS partition may get lost or damaged due to virus infection, power fluctuations, damaged operating system, or abrupt shutting down of the system. In such a situation one of the following error messages may get displayed indicating a corrupt or lost NTFS partition:
—“Unable to read partition table”

—“Invalid partition table”

—“Missing Operating System”

—“Error loading Operating system”

The problem occurs when partition table gets damaged or corrupted, due to which boot files, and boot record cannot be located.

Can data be recovered from a damaged or lost partition?
One of the ways to recover NTFS partition is to format your system and freshly install the Windows Operating System. Though this would help recover your system, but what about the data saved in it? With 90% of work done on your project, can you afford to lose all that data? Well, you need not worry about it? Good third party NTFS Data recovery software not only recover lost partition, but also the data saved in it! These NTFS partition recovery tools use powerful recovery algorithms to recover not just the deleted data, but also all deleted partitions.

Stellar Phoenix NTFS Data Recovery software efficiently performs NTFS Data recovery from all NTFS and NTFS5 file system partitions. The software can efficiently take hard drive images, effective in raid recovery and clone them. Most importantly, it is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000.

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