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Benefits You'll Receive When You Donate Your Car to Charity

by hakeyvarette

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Have you ever thought of getting rid of your old, unwanted truck or car and you've tried selling it in the newspaper but you've had no takers? For those who are done with trying to sell their rust buckets online or in the daily newspaper, then you need to start considering on donating your vehicle to a charity. Who doesn't want to help out their favorite charity? No one! So if you have been trying to get rid of your used up car, then it's time to learn the benefits you will receive once you donate your car to charity.

First off, you receive a tax deduction when you donate your car to DonateCar USA. When you donate your car to them, you'll be able to choose one of 400 charities that you want to donate the money to once your car is auctioned off. Once they pick your vehicle up, you'll receive the maximum tax deduction amount you can use during the upcoming tax season. You can also feel good knowing that 50 percent of the total amount your car is bought for when it is sold at auction goes to your charity of choice.

Donating your vehicle has never been easier to do, especially since the donation company comes to pick your vehicle up wherever it is located. Selling your car takes up too much of your time and if you want to get rid of your vehicle before the snow flies, then it's time to pick up the phone to have the transportation company to come and pick your vehicle up the next day. It's so easy for you to do and all you need to do is have your title ready to be signed over once they arrive and all your left with is a tax receipt.

Another reason you should think about
car donation is if you're in the market for a new vehicle but the dealership won't give you what you want for a trade-in. Wouldn't you feel better knowing you'll receive a larger tax deduction than what the dealership is willing to give you as a trade-in value? Plus, you're helping out families in the United States by donating your vehicle to charity. With how the economy is nowadays, there are more families who are in need of assistance from charities than ever before.

Now if you are a non-profit organization looking to generate revenue to support your cause, then you need to contact DonateCar USA to determine if accepting car donations is worth your time and money. Towing, advertising and auction costs add up and if you aren't careful, you could lose money by accepting vehicles that don't help pay for these costs when they are sold at auction. But on the flip side, many vehicles that are sold off to support a good cause often get more money so it's a win-win for everyone involved. Signing up to receive vehicle donations is easy to do since there isn't a lot of paperwork to fill out. Once that's completed, your charity is ready to make money from the cars that are donated to your charity.

Haley Varette is a lover of new cars and she recently donated her old truck to her favorite charity. According to her, everyone who has an old, unwanted car should consider
auto donations to help support their favorite charity. To get started by donating your vehicle to DonateCar USA, you can contact them at 800-269-6814 or visit their website at

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