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Money-saving Tips for your Kitchen Remodeling Plans

by chaseconely

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Your kitchen is looking a little worse for wear. Right now it can certainly use a few renovations here and there. You review your existing budget and discover that you may not have enough to hire a dependable kitchen remodeling Nashua NH company. Don’t sweat it. With a little attention to detail and some design savvy, you can get your kitchen remodeled without blowing your budget. Here are a few tips.

Identify affordable alternatives that look like expensive replacement products. Try to look at laminates and solid surfaces that come in patterns that look like granite and other popular types of countertops. You might also want to use vinyl flooring that resembles travertine or other stone tile floor options. For your cabinets, it will be wise if you could refinish them instead of having them replaced.

Don’t change the layout much. Keep your lights, faucets, sinks and other kitchen appliances where they are. Moving utilities can add significantly to your labor costs. By keeping your utilities where they are, you won’t need to create additional plumbing, electrical outlets and gas lines for them.

Do some of the work yourself. A few relatively easy tasks that you can do include painting walls and ceilings, replacing hardware, or minor demolition like removing cabinets or shelves. Be careful not to take more than you can handle, though. Once they’ve finished a few easy jobs, some do-it-yourselfers often start to convince themselves that they can tackle much harder work like plumbing or fixture installation, only to end up with a costly fix when the job proves too difficult.

Distinguish between what needs to be done and what you want done. Make a list of every possible remodeling project in your kitchen then classify them either as a want or need. For the remodeling projects you’ve listed under ‘need’, rate them according to their level of urgency. The next step is to research the total cost for these projects so you will have an idea on which of them are within your financial means.

Lastly, the best way to cut costs is to work out a good plan with your NH kitchen design contractor. Once you’ve done that, make sure to stick to that plan. For more money-saving kitchen remodeling tips, visit,,20345817,00.html.


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