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Tips to Solve Unspecified Error by Chkdsk at Start

by anonymous

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Chkdsk (or Checkdisk) is a Windows utility that checks Windows file system for integrity and correct all inconsistency issues. In Windows NT-based versions, this utility can even check the hard disk surface for bad sectors and errors. Windows runs a boot-time chkdsk to ensure the consistency of  its file system. If any error is found, chkdsk shows a detailed report.

In most of the file system issues, user needs to reformat the drive before reinstalling a fresh file system.  Owing to reformating the system loses data and requires Hard Drive Data Recovery solutions.

To comprehend such problems, let's take a realistic example. A Windows user experiences an unexpected shutdown. After this, at each startup, the user finds that Windows runs chkdsk to check the consistency of disk. Each time, it returns the below error message:

“An unspecified error occurred”

Though Windows can boot successfully thereafter, but shows certain issues.


Chkdsk can return the unspecified error after check due to some dirty bits on the hard disk. The error can also occur if it finds issues that it cannot correct.


To solve the issue, discussed above, you should try running the chkdsk utility manually. For this, you can consider the following suggestions:

Boot the computer and access its command prompt to run the command. You should run chkdsk with switches like, /f, /r, and/or /p

You can boot your computer using Windows installation disk and run chkdsk from its command prompt

Move your hard disk to a different computer, attach it as a slave, and check the disk for errors

If running chkdsk doesn't help, the last resort is to reformat the entire hard disk or the partition prompting the above error. You can then restore the deleted data from backup.

There are times when backup either doesn't work or is absent. Such situations necessitate a Windows user to look for a Hard Drive Recovery utility. The third-party hard drive recovery applications are exclusive programs available in market that can search lost or deleted data from a logically crashed disk and restore its data in original form.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a professional application that can recover data from lost, deleted, formatted, and corrupted hard disk partitions for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000 based systems. This Hard Drive Recovery utility has a wizard-style interface that makes the utility easily operable. The tool supports recovery FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5 file systems.

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