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Who better than a London escort?

by aldendexter145

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I’ve been chatting to Maria* for all of two minute and I feel completely at ease. Her long dark hair is tied into a simple pony tail and she has on a pant suit and killer heels. Her perfectly manicured hands move about in the air when she talks and she has a quiet voice, almost a whisper when she refers to you. If I wasn’t a 30 something female with a fiancé, I would totally ask her out! ‘It’s a great career you know. My parents and close family were shocked when they found out what I did. I don’t blame them though, they’re good people, just your average family, it’s not every day your daughter tells you that she works as an escort in one of the top agencies in London!’

Maria is an escort. Or you will find her online, a ‘brunette escort’ “People think that blondes have more fun, but I beg to differ. The men who date me are almost a different kettle of fish. They aren’t just after a night of hot sex with a bimbo. I accompany these men to business dinners; I charm their bosses and co-workers. When they have tickets to the opera or a new show on I get invited to go along. I get wined and dined and it’s great. All these men want is a girl who is willing to listen and spend time with them.” I ask her if she likes her job, I ask her if it makes it hard for her to be in relationships with other men, and what she would be doing if she wasn’t an escort in London “I love my job. Before this I was a temp. I had skills but I got bored working in an office all day. I love fashion and being pampered. I love having a nice house that I own and making good money. I like chatting to people and learning about them. I also love that I’m the top Brunette escort in London, how mad is that!?”

With that she giggles and sounds a lot younger than her 28 years “I have a backup plan and savings. I have my own business that working as an escort has helped fund and I have great contacts thanks to my clients. I have had a few boyfriends since I’ve been doing this job, but they never last, men have a problem with sharing sometimes. They can’t understand that I’m working and it has nothing to do with my emotions. But oh well, plenty of time for love and laughter at a later date, I’ve got work to do!’”


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