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How to find the Various Regional Centers of IGNOU

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IGNOU is spread all over India and in many other countries and has taken the initiative to provide students with knowledge that helps them have a successful career and a bright future. The University has a wide network of study programs and centers that helps students to gain access to their course. For students outside India the IGNOU Partner Institutions can help.

Regional centers

IGNOU has around 56 regional centers all over the country and 6 IGNOU army recognized regional centers and 4 IGNOU navy recognized regional centers. The Assam rifles recognized regional center is one. These centers are responsible for the regulation of the system, maintenance and monitoring, development, support services to the students, safeguarding study centers, organizing staff of that particular region and more. Every state has one regional center in the country. They are established for the monitoring and establishing the study centers in the region and carry out functions of supervising of the study centers.

The regional centers also provide a platform for students to express their responses that concern any subject of the University. The regional centers are also responsible for random checking of assignments of the students. There other duties of the regional centers are to provide facilities like library, video and audio cassettes, and computers, TV, VCR and Fax.

Centers outside India

IGOU offers courses for students from countries like the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Nepal, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, China, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Liberia, Madagascar, Ghana, Kenya and Namibia.

Regional centers in India

There are around 67 regional centers in the country and each regional center has many study centers that they have to control. Every study center comes with a code and provides various courses. You can locate our study center in your particular regional center of your state. Simply check the name of the regional center from their online website by choosing the state and you will get a list of the study centers and the regional centers of IGNOU.

Students can apply to of the regional centers for application forms required for admission.

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