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Electric Cigarette - A Better Way to Smoke

by dnieva

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Every smoker knows the ill effects of smoking and wishes to get rid of it. But there were hardly any effective means available to be used by smokers to get rid of their addiction, unless the introduction of an "Electronic Cigarette" happened in the year 2003. A pharmacist from China, Hon Lik, invented the device only after his father expired because of being a heavy smoker. This encouraged him to invent a device that looks tastes and feels exactly like a real tobacco cigarette but does not have any negative effects.


Some of the advantages that the smoker can avail when they use electronic cigarettes are

            •           Freedom from harmful chemicals: The smoker gets rid of tar, carbon monoxide and several other harmful chemicals that are present in a traditional cigarette.

            •           Gets rid of lighter and ashtrays: There is no need to use a lighter to light up the electronic cigarette. These cigarettes contain atomizer that is connected to a battery and as soon as the user takes a puff the atomizer works and lights up the LED light present at the end of the cigarette. This will give the user the look of a real cigarette.

            •           The only common ingredient is nicotine: The only thing that is common between real cigarette and electronic cigarette when it comes to composition is Nicotine. Electronic cigarette contains nicotine and moreover the user can decide the strength of nicotine levels in them. This makes it even more advantageous over real cigarettes because this optioned cannot be availed in real cigarettes.

            •           Can smoke anywhere and everywhere: Many public places have banned the usage of real cigarettes because of the harmful gases that it releases, but since electronic cigarettes release only water vapor they are allowed to be used in all the places like airports, restaurants, etc. But make sure that you do let the owners know that it is an electronic cigarette and not a real one.

            •           Saves money: Electronic cigarettes are fairly cheaper than real cigarettes and because they are reusable users can save a lot of money annually. According to surveys, it has been reportedly found that the users who switched to electronic cigarettes are able to save about 150 dollars monthly.


Because of all these advantages, a lot of people have switched to using an electronic cigarette and now these are made legally available in almost all the countries all around the world. There are many online stores available dealing in electric cigarettes and related accessories like cartridge, its flavors, among others, and most of them are available at discounted prices.

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