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Tips for taking proper care of floor mops and buckets

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Cleaning process generally depends on the type of equipment being used. There are numerous types of floor mops and buckets in the market. It is important to use a good quality floor mop for better results. Care should be taken to clean the mop and the bucket after a regular mopping activity. These are cleaning tools used widely to remove dirt from different kinds of surfaces. Their life can be extended by properly cleaning and maintaining them. This will also reduce the bacterial growth in the mop head and the bucket after cleaning the dirt.

Some of the mopping equipment has mop wringer attached while some don’t. Mop heads also come in various materials and types. Most commonly used are string mop heads and loop-end mop heads. These are easy to mange and smart in functionality. They help the user in reaching difficult places to be cleaned. They can be easily maintained by following some basic rules. As soon as you have finished mopping the entire area, it is recommended to always rinse the mop bucket thoroughly after each use. If you have time you can also clean it with some good quality cleaning solution. This will help in reducing the unwanted smell, which generally comes from the bucket after mopping. Turn the mop bucket upside to dry. If you have been using the same bucket from a long time keep checking for any cracks and stains regularly. Check to see if the casters are rolling smoothly. If you find them being rusty or getting stuck in the floor repeatedly it is good to replace them as soon as possible. If casters are not working fine don’t think of throwing your mop bucket because many manufacturers also sell casters separately. So you can buy and replace the caster’s kit very easily.

It is recommended to rinse the mop wringers thoroughly after use. Best practice is to hang the wringer up to dry in the sun. This will drain all the left out water completely leaving it dry for the next use. One should keep checking the handle and mop head functionality regularly. If any changes are felt or defects occur replace the parts immediately. Avoid using same floor mops and buckets for indoor and outdoor use. This will help in increasing their life and durability. Apply only necessary pressure on the product excess pressure can break the handle or leave scratches on the floor.

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