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PokeBot BETA 1.0

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PokeBot BETA 1.0

PokemonStart - Start a new Pokemon game.
Usage: !PokemonStart (Player1) (Player2) (Player3) (etc.)

PokemonList - View the current Pokemon list.
Usage: !PokemonList
- View the information and attack moves of any Pokemon in the list.
Usage: !PokemonList [Pokemon Name]

PokemonChoose - Choose your Pokemon. Note - Each Pokemon may only be chosen once.
Usage: !PokemonChoose [Pokemon Name]

PokemonAttack - Make your attack move on a Pokemon.
Usage: !PokemonAttack [Pokemon Name] [Pokemon Move]
- View the current attack moves and their status for your Pokemon.
Usage: !PokemonAttack moves
- View enemy Pokemon's current health.
Usage: !PokemonAttack [Pokemon Name]

PokemonStatus - View the current status of a running Pokemon game.
Usage: !PokemonStatus

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