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Banksy T Shirts for Sale

by davein

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In the modern world of work, people no longer have time to leisurely enjoy art exhibitions or spend their day in art galleries. Street arts have emerged as a convenient way for artists to express their talents and thoughts to a wider audience. In many parts of London and Bristol one can see the works of one of the most significant street artists: Banksy. Although the name is pseudonymous, Banksy's works are genuine reflections of the truth about the modern society. Widespread fame of Banksy's creations has led to the emergence of several varieties of exclusive Banksy T shirts for sale.


Public Admiration

Perhaps the reason for Banksy's widespread fame is his desire towards equity, which coincides with the thoughts of a majority of the world population. Banksy T shirts decorated with his anti-capitalist and anti-war graffiti have sometimes dominated the T-shirt markets for weeks since their release. They were widely used during the recent protests against economic policies in many countries. Nevertheless, Banksy is never known to have sold his creations to other parties; T-shirt companies often make use of the profitable opportunity by designing Banksy T shirts for sale based on his latest works.


Banksy T Shirts

Since they are often intended for decoration, many T-shirt manufacturers make use of cheap materials like synthetic fibres in mass-producing Banksy T shirts for sale. Sometimes this is essential for the durability of printed matter. Since modern printing techniques make use of delicate technology to add a lifelike look to the overall job, it has become possible to recreate the original works of Banksy in the most natural way. Screen printing is the most widely used technique for decorating Banksy T shirts for sale; however, some small-scale T-shirt producers make use of stenciling, the exact technique used by Banksy in his paintings.


Banksy's Popular Works

Apart from street graffiti, Banksy has also created several paintings. Some of them are modernised versions of creations by other artists, such as Edward Hopper's 'Nighthawks' and Monet's 'Water Lily Pond'. These have been modified to include such things as urban detritus, to add a sense of humor and irony to the overall scene. There's also a series of Banksy T shirts for sale, based on his spoof ten-pound notes containing the figure of Princess Diana in place of the Queen. With the phrase "Bank of England" having been replaced by "Banksy of England", some of these notes were sold during online auctions at unbelievable prices.


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