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There are numerous reasons for the popularity of bicycles in

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One of the most liked and sought after mode of transportation all across the world are the cycles. Almost everyone all across the globe will have some or the other cherished memories associated with their bikes. One of the most eco-friendly and healthy means of transport, cycles have always held a special place in the hearts of both the young and the elderly riders.

Like numerous other countries, bicycles in India are used for numerous purposes and reasons. One of the most important reasons is undeniably that they are the central means of transport to commute to work and to schools. They are the more economical and affordable alternatives for the cars and motorbikes. With the cycles, the riders do not have to worry about the fuel and the added expenditure; thus, numerous automobile users in the country have now moved on to the cycles, which come across as the more cost-effective mode of transport.

Not only it is a cheaper mode of transport, but also cycling comes across a great form of exercise. More and more health-conscious individuals, who want to exercise in a fun way, are moving to cycling and are enjoying it. Considering the health advantage and the adventure that biking has, more and more biking clubs are coming up in the country. These clubs organize bike trips from time to time and every year there is a significant increase in the number of bikers participating in such eco-friendly and healthy events.

The other reason as to why the bikes are gaining more popularity in the country is because of their resourcefulness. Along with commutation, the cycles can also be used for various leisure activities. Leisure biking has suddenly gained popularity and the riders ride the bikes just for the excitement, fun and thrill associated to it. Not only this, as the cycles are the zero-emission vehicles, thus, the cyclists breathe in less air pollution. Cycling is also gaining popularity in the country because it comes across as a brilliant way for all of us to challenge and defy global warming, ozone thinning, and other negative consequences of air pollution.

The cycles are also gaining popularity as they more compact and occupy less space as compared to any other form of automobile. Undeniably, the cycles are the most efficient way of transportation. From commuting to sports and from shopping to just getting around places, cycles can be used any time and anywhere.

The appreciable fact is that in the past few years, the style and tendency of bicycles in India has altered drastically and is still changing. The thought and ideas of the people in India have transformed; consequently, cycling has gained more popularity among the youth as well as the elderly. Looks like it’s a fresh era for bicycling and the paybacks are immense. After all, you not only become healthier, but also do your bit to preserve and safeguard the environment.

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