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Want to Learn Martial Arts? Ask Yourself These Inquiries

by saundratosh

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Kung fu, karate, and taekwondo; to the uneducated eye, all of these appear identical. In fact, the first one started in China, the second in Japan, and the third in South Korea-- but their differences do not stop there. Before you master martial arts, you must consider that there are lots of styles globally that suit different temperaments; these entail more than the high-flying kicks and strong punches you find in action movies.

Why do you choose to master martial arts?

You could master martial arts to maintain or boost your health. You could also do it since you choose to look after yourself and/or the people you care about. Awareness of a culture's martial arts also implies respect and recognition for that culture. Possibly you merely wish for the right to shout just like Bruce Lee and signal to folks that you're about to perform something incredible.

What are your physical limitations?

As an example, if you're older or rather inflexible, Tai Chi fits you more adequately than, say, Wushu. If you have a tinier build, deliberate styles that focus more on strategy and leverage like aikido, jujitsu, and judo. Otherwise, you could participate in karate, taekwondo, and many other styles that emphasize strength.

What martial arts style matches your personality?

If you're not a combative individual, choose defensive styles just like judo and aikido; both of them entail using the opponents' energy against them. If you're not dejected by ruthless techniques, then you would not mind mastering styles such as Krav Maga and jujitsu. For individuals who want balance, concentration, and flexibility in their martial arts training, eskrima--referred to as "arnis" in the Philippines and "Kali" in the West--is for you. Spiritual people may find aikido and Tai Chi appropriate for their requirements.

How dedicated are you to studying martial arts?

Lots of martial arts instructors will tell you this: "We come to class to learn. We train at home." To keep the martial arts lessons sharp in your head, you need to find time to study outside of class. Spar with buddies who are experienced with your selected martial arts style.

If you're not willing to invest the required hours to improve your art, do not even ponder on taking martial arts classes. To gather additional information on martial arts styles that fit different individualities, check out

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