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Smoking E Cigs and the Course to a Smoke-free Future

by shalaohms

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It may be difficult for young people to think of, but there was a time when cigarette smoking was considered healthy and fashionable. You could have seen classical movies with almost every person in the cast smoking, or perhaps an old photo of your grandfather holding or smoking a tobacco. Well, times have changed, and extensive air pollution and disorders have produced a more significant awareness of the threats of smoking cigarettes. Thus, many individuals have learned to resist the habit.

One common environmental worry is air pollution. To a lesser extent, smoking cigarettes contributes to this problem. Some dangerous gases like carbon monoxide can be generated by cigarette smoke. Other pollutants from cigarette smoke contribute to the greenhouse effect, which in turn adds to global warming. If anything else, secondhand smoke is unsafe for non-smokers who breathe it in when they are near smokers.

There are also lots of known conditions credited to cigarette smoking like lung cancer and tuberculosis, and some heart complications too, particularly cardiovascular disease. Cigarette smoking is also connected with infertility, birth defects, and erectile dysfunction. Other problems linked with cigarette smoking include dental discoloration and higher anxiety levels for smokers.

Giving up smoking cigarettes is a personal choice, and it could be a challenge for quitters since smoking cigarettes is practically a dependence. Quitters have described experiencing severe yearnings that stop their plans to give up the habit. Fortunately, those who are aiming to live a smoke-free life will be pleased to find out that there are electronic cigarettes that make stopping much easier for them.

It is not really the smoke that smokers like about cigarettes but nicotine, which is an alkaloid contained in tobacco. It has mood-altering effects that function as both a stimulant and a relaxant. Those who purchase e cigarette kits can still take pleasure in little dosages of nicotine without the unsafe effects of smoke. Some electronic cigs do not have nicotine at all and just give quitters the fulfillment of having a cigarette-like tube in their mouths.

People who buy e cigarettes learn that these things are made with a few simple parts. There is the cartridge that holds the e-liquid and the solution that contains nicotine. This solution is transformed to vapor, which looks a bit like smoke for the user but is a lot less hazardous.

Those who are using electronic cigarette devices need to keep refilling the cartridges and changing the batteries. Some e cig users can teach themselves to get e-liquid solutions with steadily smaller amounts of nicotine at a time. E-cigarettes can assist them live smoke-free lives in the future. For more information, see


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