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A few tactics of promotion that always work!

by anonymous

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Advertisingis one of the non-personal forms of presenting a brand message to a target group through a defined medium of communication. Television Advertising, Radio Advertising, Print Advertising, Outdoor Advertising etc. are a few tools of promotion adopted by advertisers. The objectives of an advertising campaign include-

ü  To generate good brand awareness among target groups about the presence of the brand

ü  To provide valuable knowledge about the product that could be beneficial to customers

ü  To create a lasting impression about the product so that customers do not easily forget it

ü  To persuade or convince customers to buy the product claiming it to be the best of all

An advertiser has to use a few tactics of promotion to persuade customers to buy the product. Following are a few tactics of promotion that always work for brand advertisers. Take a look.

Define a solid objective of promotion

This helps the advertiser to frame the right brand message that would be communicated among target groups. For example, if the objective of the promotion campaign is to introduce a new feature of the brand, the brand message should clearly highlight the point. The medium of communication should also be relevant.  Television advertising  is ideal for most of the consumer goods while  radio advertising  suits the budget and requirement for small business owners who want to reach out to a wide target group at an affordable budget. There are again many customers who solely rely on print advertising media. The advertiser should study the behaviour of consumers and then only frame the brand message.

Launch the campaign at the right time through the right channel

 Timing is also important for any type of promotion. An advertising campaign launched during a wrong timing may fail to win the favour of customers. The medium of communication as mentioned earlier also plays a major role especially in disseminating the message among customers.


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