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Evolution Of Piercing Jewellery Through Modern Day Fashions

by miketyson

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Fashion is what people wear to augment their looks and personality. But if looked from a broader perspective, fashion can be of a wide variety, and changes according to what masses prefer to do. With changing times, the definition of fashion keeps on changing as people resort to a variety of experimentations. Not only is the wearing of a new dress included under this, but nowadays fashion has been extended into the world of accessories such as jewelleries.

In fact, much of the fashion is being defined by what people wear along with their apparel. In some cases, fashion has also been defined by bringing back such style which was prevalent in the old days and one of such examples is that of body piercing. Such a statement has now become a common means of expression for style. Such a trend is further reiterated by the availability of piercing jewellery in the online jewellery store as well as in mall stores.

While people are gradually shifting their attention towards fashion accessories made of alternative materials, the gold and silver ornaments are taking a backseat, much because of the rising prices. To replace the golden ornaments, even more gorgeous way of styling is getting into vogue and this is in form of piercing jewellery. These are jewelleries which are put through the skin in different parts of the body. It can be put into the skin in the navel, eyelids, ear lobes, nose, chin, and sometimes in most baffling places such as tongue, nipple, etc.

For some, an act of dermal piercing could dictate a sense of fashion, but for many this might amount to a painful misgiving. Those who are going for the piercing jewelleries have an interest to express a new fashion statement and for this, they are ready to take up the pain. For such fashionistas, the idea of tongue piercing can be fun, although it comes with its share of pain. Piercing jewellery is not exactly a new concept because in the ancient days, people living in areas far away from civilisation, in the deep forests used to flaunt such jewelleries.

The act was prevalent to such an extent that in some of the tribes, body piercing was used to determine the status of the person. It was rather a custom to have hood piercing or nose piercing, than being a fashion, which in the modern day is the sole reason of getting dermal piercing. If the concept of wearing such items has taken a shift, then the materials used in making these jewelleries have also changed over the years. While circular earrings were most common forms of such jewelleries, nowadays these items are made from a wide variety of materials, apart from gold and silver.

Surgical steel, titanium, Plexiglas or acrylic, plastic materials, silicone, ivory, porcelain, bone, etc are being used nowadays for piercing jewellery. These items are also available as fashion accessories in jewellery and fashions stores, and not being made by people for personal use only. Advent of online jewellery store has also made people to take an attempt towards flaunting one of such jewelleries on their body. The trend has reached to an extent where not finding someone in a party with a hood piercing or dermal piercing or any form of piercing jewellery could in itself be odd.

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