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Piercing In The Modern Subcultures Of Australia

by jeffreyhorton

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Piercings Australia have a long history and a great cultural background. However, the great amount and variety of Piercing Rings among the youth tell us about the existence of different subcultures. Some wear just regular earrings, while others go extreme and pierce everything possible.

Most of Piercings In Australia are somehow related to music, either impliedly or directly. The largest influence on the types of Piercing Rings and other piercing jewelry is probably caused by the gothic subculture. It involves electronic, ambient, and rock music genres, so it covers a larger number of young people, than any other subculture. You can see rings in the noses, chains, belly button piercing and what-not among the representatives of the gothic subculture in Australia.

Piercings In

There is also hardcore punk subculture, where you won’t normally see a lot of piercings, but you can occasionally see men and women wearing huge tunnels – up to 10 cm, while this is not the limit. They usually have a lot of tattoos across their bodies, especially the sleeves and the neck. Men are usually bold or are wearing short hairstyles, while women mostly have Chelsea hairstyles or simply have ponytails.

There is much more into piercing styles in Australia, than it may seem at the first glance. Of course, there are some people, who do it just because they think it’s cool despite the environment and other factors, but most often it is conditioned by a certain society that a person communicates in.

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