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Getting Them to Leave: Bats on Top of Miami Roofs

by neilhirsh

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In July of 2011, roofers were welcomed by a huge colony of bats while restoring the roof tiles of a Southwest Miami home. As soon as they were freed from the roof, hundreds of little bats that employed the roof shingles as habitat came darting out. Fortunately, the bats were not out for blood.

The Florida Bat Conservancy says the state is habitat to at least 13 kinds of bats, such as the Mexican free-tailed bat and the evening bat. The great news is that a lot of of the bats existing in the state pose no menace to humans. Because their homes are rapidly being destroyed by humans, these bristly flyers are constrained to head to the city for their nests. However, clay roofs appear to be among their chosen alternatives. When you have bats on your roof, take note these tips.

Never Deal with a Bat Issue Solo

This is one roofing situation you should not handle by yourself because bats can fight back when threatened. Moreover, bats are agile flyers. You will have a difficult time trapping them with your bare hands. In fact, the Florida Bat Conservancy will inform you not to even endeavor because you will merely expose yourself to the danger of getting bitten. Roofers are aware of bat issues, especially in South Florida, and they can bail you out of needing to undertake your bat project solo.

Deal with Bats with Concern

Florida state regulation provides that it’s illegal to kill bats, so let Miami roofing contractors manage the situation. These specialists caution against throwing out bats in the offspring period between June and the first two weeks of November as this can set apart the mom from her pups. If doable, construct a bat home for them. There are a lot of methods to manage your bat problem without gore or the annihilation from either side.

Although they may be a hazard to your roof, bats are a basic element of Florida’s ecological community because they feed bugs. Rather than threatening them off your roof, seek out roofing contractors Miami homes rely on to evict them as calmly and humanely as possible. There may be hundreds of bats underneath your roof, but your superhero in the shape of a roofer is forever merely a cry away.

For more information on bats in structures, you can browse the Florida Bat Conservancy web site on Don’t wait to ask roofing companies in Miami about your bat problem. They know what to do when they encounter these animals.

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