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Things to Ask Dealers before Purchasing Used Toyota Vehicle

by timmyradloff

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Buying your very first pre-owned Toyota vehicle can be an exciting experience. Aside from making a valuable investment, you’re also taking the more practical route in car purchase. Keep in mind, however, that your chance of securing a high quality vehicle is also dependent on your auto dealer. Below are a few of the questions you can ask them to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Ask for certification

Before being sold to buyers, every pre-owned Toyota vehicle ought to be certified by its original manufacturer to ensure authenticity. You should ask for the car’s ‘certified pre-owned vehicle’ or ‘certified used vehicle’ documentation alongside a mechanic’s inspection certification. Certifications are great references just in case you encounter car glitches in the future.

Ask who they got the vehicle from

If the Toyota vehicle was purchased via trade-in—meaning, the previous owner has traded his or her old vehicle for a new one—ask the dealers for its certificate and maintenance records. If it was bought in an auction, the dealer must present you with a mechanic’s inspection certificate to guarantee its value and worth.

Ask how long you can test-drive the car

The only way you’re going to know whether a specific Toyota model such as a used Toyota Highlander is suitable for you is to test drive it. Ask the dealer if you can drive it for at least an hour so that you can thoroughly evaluate its road performance. Some dealers would even let you take the car in overnight for an extended test drive.

Ask if the dealership can throw in a few extras

A little add-on never hurt anybody. If anything, it will only make that used Toyota Sienna more enticing to the buyer. A new set of tires, for instance, could go a long way in convincing a hesitant consumer to seal the deal.

So if you’re really interested in a used Toyota Sienna, then you ought to arm yourself with negotiation tactics. Don’t think twice about bargaining with car dealers as both of you stand to benefit from a successful transaction. Visit for more information.

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