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How to Test Your LA Company’s Business Continuity Plan

by rubybadcoe

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If your company has sensible management, it should have a business continuity plan (BCP). Prior to full recovery, the BCP keeps your company running even after a disaster. But how do you ensure that the plan will work when you need it?

Update All Critical Company Information

Check whether the data you’ve copied for safekeeping is updated. This includes contact information on your employees, vendors, and third parties that deal with your company regularly. Note any major changes in your company, such as changes in departments and changes in identifying company information like the vision and mission statements. Have a call tree test, where your employees simulate contact with all the necessary parties during a disaster, to verify the accuracy of all this information.

Establish Clear Test Objectives

If this is the first time you’re testing your BCP, your primary objective should be to reveal “chinks” in the plan. If you’re testing for a scheduled maintenance, it’s usually because you want to keep the BCP updated. In any case, decide who’s going to participate in the test, their roles, and what they’re expected to do. Prepare a checklist to guide everyone during the test.

Decide What Exercise to Conduct

You can choose a “desktop” exercise, where you’ll simulate everything inside a controlled environment like a conference room. For a more realistic feel, you can do something similar to a fire drill; that is, you’ll pretend that a major disaster occurred, and everyone moves according to plan. Communicate details about the test to concerned parties like stakeholders and the top management team.

Test and Verify

For your “soft” data, check your technical solutions’ functionality. Examples of technical solutions include data application, data verification, and virus definition distribution. Check whether your organization’s recovery procedures are doable under dire circumstances. For example, it may be helpful to outsource services to data recovery LA companies to ensure maximum security for your company’s important information.

Analyze the Results

What are the BCP’s strengths and weaknesses, and what can be done about them? For example, if your company’s plan for data recovery LA involves hiding all those backup tapes and disks in a warehouse, what are you going to do if something bad happens to that warehouse? Compile everyone’s completed checklists, and ask them further questions about the test.

Resolve all issues, such as how you’re going to execute critical data recovery LA. Make another schedule to conduct the test again; this should be done annually, at the least. For more information on testing BCPs, read

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