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Populate Your Website by Getting Data with Help from a Web

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It's been said that if you build it, they will come.


Data is the most important commodity for any information business, whether it is used for internal purposes or put it on a web site to attract visitors.


It is data that provides a business with a competitive edge and it is data that allows a business to differentiate itself from the myriad of other companies offering similar services. Data alone will not make a business successful, but lack of information will almost certainly lead to failure.


With the advancement in technologies and the accessibility of the Internet, data is available in abundance. However, it takes effort to find, mine, filter and display the information in a usable form. For most businesses, this should involve the use of web grabber software to automate the process and free up resources for other critical tasks.


What is a Web Grabber?


A web grabber is a tool used for automatically capturing data from target sites and transforming into text files, spreadsheets, excel files or any other database format. Web grabbers can be customized to capture data from both dynamic and static websites and is able to grab both text and images. It also is programmable to allow automating the process to be performed at scheduled times when it is convenient for the user.


Some highlighted features of web grabber


  • User-friendly interface and easy to install

  • Web grabber extracts data from highly dynamic sites including AJAX websites

  • It extracts complete data from the sites such as text, images and product catalogues, links, Meta tags and tag attributes

  • It is possible to schedule your web grabber activity on daily or weekly basis

  • Comprehensive API and custom post-processing

  • Duplicate data detection so that only new and updated content is captured

  • Semi-automatic data extraction can be achieved from the sites which use CAPTCHA

  • The data can be extracted from framesets and iFrames


Why use web grabber software?


Most companies that perform information gathering are still using a “Copy & Paste” method to grab data from their target sites. The problem with this is that it is a time-consuming, unproductive and inaccurate way to work, even if the people doing the work are proficient.


A lot of time is spent on copying, pasting and re-formatting data if these tasks are performed by workers. They have to navigate thousands of web pages, which results in human errors. With the help of a web grabber, accuracy and productivity is assured and predictable. This saves time, effort and money.


The data can be made available in a shorter amount of time, too. Timing is an important aspect when it comes to business intelligence, especially in competitive environments. Web grabbers can do wonders to your business, allowing you to put distance between yourself and your competitors.



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