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Car Performance Engineering for California Drivers

by miroslavkeller

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If you’ve ever wanted a vehicle just like those driven by the adrenaline-junkie leads from The Fast and the Furious movies, you are in luck.

Tuning companies service automobiles and change them into powerful machines. These companies feel that every automobile has the capability to turn out to be great -leave it to them to unlock that prospect. Most of these firms, apart from fine-tuning and personalizing cars sent in by customers coming from all over the nation, also promote automobiles that they have modified on their own. And since local dealers have partnered with these firms, you can get your car converted into its most awesome version without getting out of the state.

AWE Tuning

One tuning company that car dealerships here in California have actually partnered with is AWE Tuning. This company is basically focused on German automobiles, and also they are one of the most recognized industry leaders in performance design around the world. AWE Tuning designs and produces aftermarket products that can be built on your automobile, along with computer software that can easily override the limits that your vehicle's on-board computer systems have set up. Do not feel uneasy though-- providers like AWE Tuning give a lot of significance on safety.


Brabus is one more world-renowned auto tuner that has certainly developed into one of the greatest performance engineering service providers for Mercedes. It mostly serves vehicles that were produced under the Maybach, Smart, and Mercedes-Benz brand names. In the year 2006, Brabus customized a Mercedes-Benz CLS series and remodelled it to become one of the fastest, if not the fastest, cars on the street that is still street-legal. The Brabus Rocket, as it was known as, was able to reach a then record-setting 227mph in one of Italy's circular courses that was created particularly for extremely high speed cars.


The Tuner Grand Prix is a race in which several of the most renowned tuning service providers in the globe get together and identify who customized the best cars. In the year 2008, a Porsche 997 G2 that was transformed by TechArt destroyed the reign of then-champ Cargraphic. It is indicated that whoever won this Grand Prix is deemed as the premier tuner on the planet. TechArt is well-known the world over for transforming cars that are able to put together artistic brilliance along with raw and unabashed power.

No matter what tuning service provider you decide on-- TechArt, Brabus, along with the handful of their rare kind-- car dealerships here in California have actually formed tie-ups with them. You don't have to fret about window shopping-- your local dealership has all the particulars. For more information and facts, go to

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