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Green Roofing in Urbanization Needed More Than Ever

by brendangertner

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There’s no better time to invest in green roofing solutions than right now. Major cities in Canada like Vancouver and Richmond should invest in roofing systems that do their part in helping Mother Nature. You can certainly make a difference in the crusade to protect the Earth, and that difference should start in your humble home.

It doesn’t require much to realize that it’s hotter in the big city than in rural areas, whether in Canada or the U.S. As a city grows in size, the number of buildings also increases, leading to stifling, overcrowded living spaces. It isn’t possible to simply reduce the number of buildings in the city since this could hamper economic progress. However, it’s possible to make these very buildings capable of mitigating the negative environmental effects of urbanization.

Heat island effect

Roofing in major cities should address one of the most prevalent effects of urbanization which is the heat island effect. The heat island effect occurs when one dense part of an area is warmer than the area nearby. This is usually caused by the phenomenon of heat getting trapped within the dense area, causing huge variations in the temperature of a city.

A home owner in Vancouver can mitigate the heat island effect by investing in white or any light colored roofing. Light colors tend to reflect light and heat better than dark colors, causing a considerable decrease in temperature on a sunny day. Office buildings can be fitted with gardens on the roof to help in the cooling of the structure, and the entire city.

Water and energy issues

Vancouver and Richmond definitely consume more energy and water than the surrounding rural areas. This creates some issues with the water and energy supply in the city, which most people remain oblivious to. Hiring a roofing contractor Richmond residents trust may provide adequate roofing options. A good roof should be able to reduce energy consumption, and collect rainwater for reuse or treatment.

Experts predict that six out of ten people will be living in the city by the year 2025; thus the need to act fast. Getting a roofing contractor Vancouver can provide will provide your home with a green roof that will help reduce your carbon footprint. This is definitely the right moment mankind to change his ways in order to save the planet.

For more information about the effects of urbanization, you can read the whitepaper at the site at To get started on your green roofing endeavor, start calling roofing contractors Vancouver residents rely on to know and assess your options.

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