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Online shopping v/s shopping in stores

by simran1

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Online shopping is deepening its roots in the world of shoppers. In the age where consumers have a tight schedule to keep up with, internet shopping is the much need relief. However, we still see that many cringe on the thought of shopping online. To these consumers, online shopping seems like a dangerous act to perform. If you are amongst such consumers, it’s high time you take course to the modern form of shopping. Let’s look at what online shopping has to offer as compared to shopping in store.


Save on fuel expenses –

With the fuel price on a perpetual upward journey, it is definitely not something you want to waste. Driving to the nearby mall may take you not more than 5 to 10 minutes but finding a place for parking may increase it to more than 20 minutes or worse fighting the traffic may take all the more long. So you end up burning a good amount of fuel and wasting quite a lot of time. With online shopping you do not need to drive anywhere. Just browse the online stores, purchase the stuff you want and get it delivered to your place. So, you save fuel, save time and get what you want too. Do your bit to Mother Nature, go green even when shopping.


Organise your shopping easily –

It is easier to organise your shopping when you do it online. Managing receipts becomes much easier as it is emailed to you and saved electronically. You will no longer have a huge pile of receipts in your house adding to the little things you need to take care of. Also, you help the environment by reducing use of paper. Again, green shopping!


Easy payment options –

When shopping at a retail store, you don’t always have the option of paying electronically. Especially, small stores refrain from offering the card payment facility. This could put you in a fix if you do not have the adequate amount of cash. But, online shopping affords you a number of payment modes to choose from. You can pay through credit card or debit card. Also, a major reason shoppers refrain from shopping online is due to the insecurity of sharing their card details online. For such shoppers, leading online stores offer the facility of cash on delivery. This is a safer option to choose in case you are apprehensive of using your card online.


Get the best deals –

Retail stores have specific seasons to organise a sale for the consumers, on the other hand online shopping gives you the opportunity to grab a sale every day. Almost every e-commerce site offers you discounts as huge as 70%. So you can shop as much as you want and still stick to the budget you’ve planned. Also, comparing the various deals online will only take a few minutes which is much better than walking from store to store to get the deal you want.


Hope the above discussion convinces you that online shopping is much better than in store shopping. It is greener, cheaper and convenient; best option for the shopper in you to indulge in.


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